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Reasons people call a psychic reader

Reasons people call a psychic reader

There are actually a million different reasons our clients call us. We are always grateful they trust us in their good times and not-so good times. Here are a few reasons people love to call us. 

Relationship questions - Most people who call us are looking for relationship advice and help. 

Forecasting readings - Many of our clients call to get a forecasting reading. This type of reading is helpful when a client has a new beginning. The new beginning may be at the start of a new moon, their birthday, the month or the year - whatever works for the client. We usually recommend a reader who can use some Tarot cards for a forecasting reading. A Tarot card reading can help the reader with past, present and future issues that may affect the timeline of a forecasting reading. 

Work issues - Work issues can be a big deal in a client’s happiness. Therefore, many client do ask about work issues. The top areas of focus would be issues with co-workers, applying for jobs, job offers, what career to choose and how to proceed in certain work situations are all common areas of focus. 

Family issues - Divorce, cheating spouses and dealing with teenage children are the most popular areas of focus. 

Need someone to talk to -Sometimes you need to talk! We definitely have readers who are extremely fun to talk with who can also focus on the client’s life. We are here and we love to chat it up. 

Someone completely outside of their circle to bounce ideas off - We have clients from all walks of life. What we have found two different types of people who love to call when they need an outside opinion that is insightful. People who have talked their friends ears off about a certain issue and their friends are burnt out on it. The second group of clients are the people who are at the top of their career field who can’t really trust colleagues for advice. 

Direction to proceed - Sometimes something happens so unexpected a client is looking for hope and direction from a reading. There are certain issues clients do not want to talk to their friends and family about. Cheating spouses and drug addictions of loved ones both fall into this category. Psychics can help give direction when you feel at a loss of what to do and how to proceed. 

Lost loved ones and grief - We love to help with grief. Grief can be overwhelming and some people find comfort in a psychic reading with a psychic medium. 

Upcoming or a recent move - When you move, it can be rough. The first type of questions are about whether or not to move or where to move or if you should take the job offer. Once the client has moved, they are usually concerned about meeting people and getting to know their new place in the world.