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Are we twin flames? How do I recognize my twin flame?

30 Jan

Are we twin flames?

If the person you are drawn to is your twin flame, it means they share your same energy. The energy that you are from is that same as your twin flame. You will be very drawn to them. You may disagree with them - and possibly argue with them. They may come into and out of your life. They have familiar energy. The relationship usually moves quickly.

There is some uncertainty with a twin flame. Because both of your energies are the same, things can be a bit rocky but you’re drawn back to each other. Twin flame romances feel like they are destined to work. It doesn’t have to be a romantic relationship, but the two energies will feel connected in some way. It is believed there is a strong connection of past life energy. The twin flame relationship will help you prepare for your higher consciousness in this life and the next. It doesn’t have to be a romantic connection. Your twin flame is an energy connection that keeps drawing you back together.