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Twin Flame or Soul Mate? A Love Reading Reveals the Answer

As we move through life, we meet countless thousands of people. Friends, enemies, acquaintances, and every shade between these points color our lives. Eventually, we all meet our twin flame. The relationship between twin flames is often a romantic one, but not always. Whatever form your relationship with your twin flame takes on, it is a step that begins before this life, holds great importance during it, and prepares you for your next. 

Are we twin flames? How do I recognize my twin flame?

Are we twin flames? 

If the person you are drawn to is your twin flame, it means they share your same energy. The energy that you are from is that same as your twin flame. You will be very drawn to them. You may disagree with them - and possibly argue with them. They may come into and out of your life. They have familiar energy. The relationship usually moves quickly. 

Twin Flames - Love Secrets

A Twin Flame relationship is different from a Soul Mate.  A Twin Flame is your other half - a mirror image.  Relationships with twin flames are often off and on again and again.  They are usually very passionate and may be quite painful.  A Twin Flame generally shows us who we really are and may cause all kinds of drama while you try to find your higher self.  A Twin Flame will probably help you expose love secrets that you did not even know existed.  This exposure and how you deal with the situation may be very interesting.  Everyone has heard the phrase - no pain, no gain.

Soulmates or Twin Flames?

Soulmates and Twin Flames have to do with how you relate to a particular relationship. We believe that you do not necessarily have to have a romantic connection with someone in order for them to be one of your soulmates or your twin flame.