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Twin Flame or Soul Mate? A Love Reading Reveals the Answer

Twin Flame or Soul Mate? A Love Reading Reveals the Answer

As we move through life, we meet countless thousands of people. Friends, enemies, acquaintances, and every shade between these points color our lives. Eventually, we all meet our twin flame. The relationship between twin flames is often a romantic one, but not always. Whatever form your relationship with your twin flame takes on, it is a step that begins before this life, holds great importance during it, and prepares you for your next. 

What is Your Twin Flame?

In the space between lives, the energy you know as yours comes together at the end and splits with the onset of a new beginning. Your literal other half enters the world as your twin flame, and you enter the world as theirs. You'll feel an inexorable connection to one another. This connection is always intense and passionate and your bond will grow quickly, perhaps too quickly when you meet. 

Twin Flame vs Soul Mate

There are similarities between your many soul mates and your one twin flame that serve to illuminate the differences. A soul mate has an energy that's highly similar to yours, but still distinct. The result is a complimentary bond, as your similarities and differences alike seem to simply fit with one another. On the other hand, a pair of twin flames serves to mirror each other. Even where they are different, their differences will be like the opposing sides of the yin-yang.

Twin Flame Relationship

When twin flames meet, they're confronted by the image of their own strengths and flaws. There's a feeling of deep understanding, and when two twin flames enter a romantic relationship it may feel like it must work. You may enter and exit one another's lives, you may argue incessantly, but the underlying connection will always remain. However, it's often the case that you're ultimately too similar to one another for it to work out. In this way, the twin flame helps you to see yourself in a way you never could have without them, even if you may not be destined for them as you feel.

Purpose of the Twin Flame Connection

Ultimately, the purpose of the twin flame is to help both the flames grow. Facing your mirror image, the picture of your strengths and flaws will be one of the greatest forces toward growth and change you encounter in your life. Even if you don't love each other forever, your twin flame relationship will help you learn to love yourself.

The Psychic Line Love Reading

Love can be wonderful and terrible, and it may bring clarity as well as confusion. In the same way that the meanings of a Tarot card change if it's upright or reversed, love has two sides. You can call The Psychic Line and schedule a love reading to consult the wisdom of an experienced love reader.