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Twin Flame or Soul Mate? A Love Reading Reveals the Answer

14 Jul

As we move through life, we meet countless thousands of people. Friends, enemies, acquaintances, and every shade between these points color our lives. Eventually, we all meet our twin flame. The relationship between twin flames is often a romantic one, but not always. Whatever form your relationship with your twin flame takes on, it is a step that begins before this life, holds great importance during it, and prepares you for your next. 

What is Your Twin Flame?

In the space between lives, the energy you know as yours comes together at the end and splits with the onset of a new beginning. Your literal other half enters the world as your twin flame, and you enter the world as theirs. You'll feel an inexorable connection to one another. This connection is always intense and passionate and your bond will grow quickly, perhaps too quickly when you meet. 

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