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Twin Flames - Love Secrets

Twin Flames - Love Secrets

A Twin Flame relationship is different from a Soul Mate.  A Twin Flame is your other half - a mirror image.  Relationships with twin flames are often off and on again and again.  They are usually very passionate and may be quite painful.  A Twin Flame generally shows us who we really are and may cause all kinds of drama while you try to find your higher self.  A Twin Flame will probably help you expose love secrets that you did not even know existed.  This exposure and how you deal with the situation may be very interesting.  Everyone has heard the phrase - no pain, no gain. The concept of "no pain - no gain" may become very intense when dealing with a Twin Flame.

If you have experienced extreme frustration in a relationship but cannot let go; perhaps you have met your other half.  Usually these Twin Flame relationships are very sudden and intense.  This intensity often causes mental confusion because it appears that the relationship is mean to be - but somehow does not work well.  The relationship is on.  Then it is off.  Then it is on.  You get the picture.  

When you look into the eyes of your Twin Flame, you usually hold their gaze longer than usual.  You generally feel like you can read their mind.  You may be able to feel their emotions, finish their sentences, and know how they will react in a situation.  Your connection generally reflects a bond that can never really be broken.  When you see your Twin Flame, you may feel the kind of relief that occurs after returning home from a long, dangerous journey.

The real secret of a Twin Flame relationship is that even though you experience incredible love for this person, there may also be a lot of fear and uncertainty involved.  The two of you seem to instantly be each other's teacher, true friend, confessor, lover, etc.  But, all this deep knowledge may be so intense that the relationship is not smooth.  This may require you to be realistic and aware of the true purpose of this relationship.  Another secret of a Twin Flame love is that you may have some very basic things in common.  For example, you might share their mother's birthday, or you might meet them on your parent's anniversary, or you may have lived two blocks from each other without meeting, or you may have identical music playlists.  If you have more than one or two of these fundamental things in common, you may have met your Twin Flame.

Your Twin Flame is thought to be your other half.  They may show you your higher self.  What do you really want?  What is your worst fear?  What is your greatest gift?  A Twin Flame does not have the purpose to make you feel comfortable.  Are you irrational and fearful when around your Twin Flame?  This may be due to the intense feelings flowing between the Twin Flames.  There is generally heightened energy involved in a Twin.  

Twin Flame love secrets usually offer you a real opportunity to find your true self and resolve issues that may be holding you back.

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