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Get the Most Out of Your Reading

Get the Most Out of Your Reading

Summer 2018 and the supercharged energy that the Universe is providing during this summer of Retrogrades plus a Blood Moon Eclipse will probably inspire people to make a call to a psychic line. Chaos generally leads to lots of issues that need insight.

If you and those around you seem to be acting in an unusual fashion, if you feel uncomfortable, out of sorts, anxious, misunderstood, or are just tired of the drama - this might be an ideal time to schedule a psychic reading.

People often ask the best way to find a good psychic. Just like with anything else, you should do some research. For example, The Psychic Line by Paramount Solutions, Inc. has bee n business for over 20 years, has tested psychics, has a daily repeat rate of over 95%, and has experienced booking agents available to help you make a selection.

When you find the psychic you want to talk with, you should make a few preparations. Clear your mind, find a quiet place, practice controlled breathing, and open your heart to the reader. Also, make sure you understand the type of skills that the reader you are going to speak with has available to share with you. 

There are many different reasons to call and get a reading. Our Booking Agents are a friendly, valuable asset for you to use in order to make sure you are starting a conversation with the right kind of reader.

Once you are connected with a reader, try to let the psychic guide the reading. They are gifted with insight and may have something important to tell you that is not even on your radar yet. You are calling them for help, the best way to utilize a psychic reader is to let them take the lead. It is ok to ask them to focus on your love life. You could say something like, “My relationship with John seems to be stalled - what can you tell me about this?” This gives them an area to focus on and helps both client and psychic during the reading.

Listen for details that apply to you. Make sure your expectations are not too narrow. For example, if your deceased Mom loved sunflowers and the psychic medium picks up the color yellow - that should be validation for you. Take notes and read them later. You may be surprised at what your conscious mind missed during the actual reading. 

When you call The Psychic Line, you have the first five minutes of the reading you purchase in order to give you an opportunity to make sure you have a good connection. You have the opportunity to move on to a different reader at no extra charge if the reading is not what you were looking for at that time. 

Remember, that when you get a psychic reading that the information a psychic provides does not come from the adviser, it comes through them to you. The psychic does not control the information, they are the provider. Spirit generally gives you what you need. It may not be what you think you want at any given time. Take notes, refer to them, and give the reading a chance to come to fruition.