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7 Psychic Gifts We Look For When Hiring Psychic Readers

7 Psychic Gifts We Look For When Hiring Psychic Readers

We have been booking and testing psychic readers, clairvoyant psychics, psychic medium readers and Tarot card readers for over 25 years. We are always looking for excellent, caring, professional psychics who love to help people. Finding the right readers for our service is an ongoing process. We want a diverse group of psychics for our diverse clientele. It is important for our service to be able to relate to all of our clients and to make our clients feel safe and comfortable. We are everyone friendly and we love helping people from all walks of life. 

We look for a variety of psychic talents. The main ability we look for with our phone psychics is clairvoyance. Clairvoyant readers work really well over the phone because they are visual and descriptive.

Psychic Line Hiring Opportunities

Most of our readings are about relationships - love interests, work relationship issues, family relationships, divorce and new relationships. Our next top topics people ask our psychics about are forecasting readings, business and work issues, help with grief and basic general readings.

If you are looking to apply to become a psychic on our service, please fill out the online form under the Readers Wanted page here.

1. Accuracy. The psychic must be accurate. We are an extremely small service compared to all of our competitors. Our service is based on repeat callers. Our clients call us back because they trust us and know we are the source for excellent readers. It is very hard for us to recruit new clients because the psychic industry is so competitive. The top way our new clients hear about us is referrals from current clients. We are so grateful to have such an amazing following. We would not be in business if we didn't have really accurate psychic readers. In accuracy, we want to know things to look out for - signs, symbols, affirmations, timing of events, feelings and thoughts. Accuracy is the top ability we look for when testing readers.

2. Descriptive. We also want descriptions that help us know the reader is reading the correct energy - what things look like, what it feels like, what it smells like - as descriptive as possible. Descriptions help the client know the reader is hitting on their energy. The more descriptive the reader, the better - good communication is key to an excellent phone reading. The reader must be able to read energy accurately.

3. Inclusive. We have clients from all walks of life who call us. We LOVE the diversity of our clients. We want all of our clients to feel comfortable, welcome, loved and important. People tend to call us when things are a little rough in their lives. It is extremely important to our company to be helpful for everyone. Being kind and helping is important. Our inclusivity makes it fun to work here because the readers are never bored. For the best readers, it's like experiencing many different lives because they get to connect with so many different types of energy.

Discounts for new clients

4. Trustworthy. Trust is essential in any business, but it is especially important in the psychic industry. Our industry can be a dangerous place for clients for numerous reasons. We take our clients privacy very seriously. Our readers are not allowed to collect any personal information from clients. They do not need it to do readings. Excellent readers work on energy alone.

5. Consistent. Consistency is key. Because we are based on repeat callers, the reader must be consistent with their accuracy and the information they provide. They may need to focus on numerous different situations with the same client. Being consistent, giving consistently good information is essential to working with us. 

6. Personable. Being personable, kind, well-meaning, accepting and friendly helps. It is not the number one indicator for success with our company, but we do like readers who are easy to work with and who love people.

7. Professional. The readers must be punctual and professional during their readings. This is a professional service. We expect our readers to act like professionals. When we do test readings, we make sure to make note how professional the reader is during the test readings. We do not look for previous line experience. Many lines train their readers to keep clients on the phone to run up bills. We want our readers to get straight into the reading and to give lots of information. When readers are used to keeping people on the line, the readings are boring and it makes the clients not trust the service. (THIS IS IMPORTANT AND A HUGE DIFFERENCE IN HOW WE DO BUSINESS COMPARED TO ALL OTHER SERVICES.) 

Our Best Psychic Readers

In test readings, we do not give the reader much information. The people who test our readers are not regularly on the phones here in the office. The energy is new to the reader being tested. The reader may speak to the tester before to set up a time to do the test reading. The reader must display accuracy on a cold call during test readings. Depending on the reader, we may do multiple test readings with different testers to see how they tolerate different life situations and energies.

If you are looking to be a reader on our service, please keep the above information in mind. We love it if you have your own style and flair. There are numerous ways to perform psychic readings. Because we focus on phone readings, we specifically need readers who are effective communicators over the phone. We look forward to doing a test reading with you!

We get thousands of applications. Please do not call the office with questions. We specifically deal with clients only on our regular phone lines. The booking agents in the office do not have any authority in hiring readers. They will not answer any questions about the application process. The only way to have contact with the people who test the readers is by filling out the application here. We do not recruit. The right readers always find us. We will get back to you if we see a need for the specific type of psychic we are looking for - it may take a little while due to the number of applications and the fact that we are a small business.