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Deja Vu - Halloween Series

Halloween is a fun time of year.  We think of trick or treat, goodies, goblins, witches, pumpkins, and costume parties.  Paranormal experiences may also be on your mind.

A fairly commonly reported paranormal experience may involve Deja vu.  Deja vu is a French phrase that generally means, "already seen."  It is usually recognized as the experience of recollection.  Have you entered a place that is supposedly new to you and had that funny feeling of familiarity?  That recollection (whether it makes sense or not) is commonly referred to as Deja vu.

Deja vu may include a person, place, thing or experience.  It appears that this is a fairly common psychic phenomenon.  My most unforgettable experience of Deja vu happened while on vacation in Maine many years ago.  There was a really old tavern in this charming town we were visiting.  This beautiful tavern that was still operational.  We went there for dinner.  This place stands out to me because recollection hit me like a ton of bricks.  I felt very comfortable there and seemed to know where everything was.  Since I had never visited Maine before - much less that particular tavern - I was surprised about the experience.

The tavern was charming.  We were seated immediately at a corner table.  I was fascinated with the wall paper and the ancient, still operational fireplace - which had a nice crackling fire.  The ambiance in the room was cozy.  We ordered dinner and were happily chatting.  Then, I noticed that I was freezing.  This seemed odd because it was not really cold out.  There were candles on the tables that were not flickering.  There was no draft.  The fireplace was not far away.  It made no sense that I was cold.  We notified the server who tried to adjust the room temperature without success.  While waiting for my food, I decided to grab my sweater out of my vehicle.

On my way back into the tavern I decided to visit the restroom to wash my hands.  This is where it gets really interesting.  I walked into the tavern and immediately turned left away from the dining room.  I went up a narrow flight of stairs and turned right, then left before entering the lady's room.  The upstairs seemed even more familiar to me than the rest of the tavern.  This was very curious, indeed.

After visiting the restroom I walked back down the narrow hallway and stairs and headed for the dining room.  The hostess was all smiles and commented that it was amazing that I could find the restroom without help.  She said most people had to be directed to the restrooms because there were no signs.  She also volunteered the fact that the restrooms were located in the oldest part of the structure.  I did not think much of the conversation and headed back to my table.

I wrapped myself in my warm sweater and sat down to enjoy my meal.  The meal was wonderful, but I never did get warm.  It was obvious to everyone that I was freezing.  The server was sympathetic and mentioned that there were rumors regarding ghosts at the tavern.  He joked that we might even get to see a spirit.  No spirit manifested.  However, I truly believe that there are spirits attached to that particular tavern.   That seems to explain the freezing cold I experienced.  This was a memorable and odd stop for my vacation.

Deja vu was a very interesting experience for me.  I have felt brief flashes of familiarity at other times but have never ever felt such a sense of recollection for a person, place or experience as I did at that tavern in Maine. 

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