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What is a Guardian Angel?

A guardian angel is a spirit or energy that looks out for and protects a person here in the physical world. A guardian angel is an entity that tries to make things better for the person. The spirit is thought to try to help a person find their direction in life. The spirit is also thought to help move energy toward a positive path. Guardian angels are believed to protect a person from physical harm during an accident. The spirit may also help a person when any physical threats come to them. An example of a physical threat would be a car accident. Many people report that there was an energy there helping to protect them when there was a car accident. The people also say that they believe there was something or someone there protecting them from harm or worse harm than should have been done.  

Guardian angels are not always an obvious energy. A person does not always know which energy is their guardian angel. Sometimes a spirit chooses a person to be a guardian angel for and sometimes a guardian angel is a crossed over loved one.The guardian angel can choose a person a birth to protect or can come into a person's life later when that person really needs help.

An important note about guardian angels is that it is very important to learn to listen to the spirit. If you are lucky enough to have a guardian angel, it is important to try to communicate and to listen to the spirit.