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Be cautious with a Ouija Board For Halloween Fun

A Ouija Board is usually a flat piece of wood which has numbers from 0 - 9, all the letters of the alphabet and a Sun and Moon symbol. It also has a triangular shaped instrument called a planchette that glides across the board and spells out answers to questions from the participants.

Ouija is considered to be a gateway to the spirit world. The use of the board supposedly allows the living to contact those on the other side. The participants (two is the optimal number) generally ask questions and the planchette should glide across the board and spell out the answers to their questions. A ouija board is believed to be an open portal to the spirit world. It is important to know how to clear energy before using a ouija board.

There are many different types of psychics who can help with ouija boards, energy and spirit. Psychic symbols and psychic mediums are terms to know before opening the portal of a Ouija board. Ouija Boards have been used for a long time. In order to use the board you should go to a quiet place, set the atmosphere by removing all loud distractions, dim the lights, light some incense, burn some sage, light the room softly with candles or an oil lamp, and give the board your undivided attention. The optimal atmosphere is more easily attained at night or very early in the morning. Dusk or dawn should be great times to use your Ouija board. It is important that the two participants sit in comfortable chairs of the same height with their knees touching. Both parties should lightly put their index and middle fingers on top of the planchette. The board should be placed so that the participants can both easily see the letters or numbers as the planchette glides to the letters that will hopefully form words and provide answers and/or messages from the other side. The place to start your session is on the letter "G". It sometimes takes a little while for the Ouija board to warm up to the participants.

One person should be selected as the medium. That person's responsibility is to directly ask the questions to the Ouija board. If the Board seems unresponsive, feel free to gently move the planchette around the board in a circular pattern. Sometimes the planchette moves slowly, other times it goes so fast it is hard to keep track of all the information that is being processed and sent from beyond. The process may likely be helped along by acknowledging the board and the spirits. A simple thank you and welcome to the board and spirit world will suffice. Be sure to specify to the spirits only positive energy is welcome. If a spirit seems to possess negativity, it is usually prudent to end the session and start again after a break.

Remember to keep your questions simple and respectful. It is not a good idea to ask questions about your own death. Avoid using the board if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The Ouija board will only work properly if you are open to it. If you are concerned about attracting negative spirits, you may burn a white candle and/or put a silver spoon or silver coin on the board. The Sun and the Moon indicate what type of spirit is trying to contact you. If it is from the Sun, it is generally positive. If it is from the Moon, take heed, and politely say good-bye. If the planchette repeatedly goes to the number eight or does figure eights, this may be an indication that there is an overly excited or angry spirit present.

Be careful to not invite ghosts and goblins into the world to trick you. When it is time to end the session, thank and dismiss the spirits and say your good-byes. Halloween is a great time of the year to get into the spirit of the Ouija Board.

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