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Dreams and Spirits: Spirit visitation dreams

12 Nov

It is quite the wonderful feeling to have a crossed loved one appear to communicate and let you know that their presence is around you during a dream. These dreams can be very vivid and can include raw emotions. They can also give a sense of peace and/or provide comfort. These dreams can also have you relive the nightmare on how you lost them. When you wake up, there can be a sense of peace or an uneasy feeling or even sadness.

Dreams where you are visited by a loved one are thought to be actual visitations of the loved one's spirit. The main message from the spirit is usually to provide comfort. When adults are awake and conscious, it can be difficult to see the signs of a spirit. Most adults are not trained to look for the signs and symbols that are sent from the spirit world to show the spirits are still around. We believe that the crossed over souls stay with us and are constantly trying to communicate. When you are sleeping, you are in a relaxed state so it is easier for spirits to communicate and visit.

If you have a dream where a spirit visits, please pay attention to how you feel and your emotions. Write your thoughts, symbols and emotions as soon as you wake up. Keeping a journal will help you interpret your dream meanings.