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What Is a Precognitive Dream?

Have you ever had a precognitive dream? Around 50 percent of people say they've had a dream which has predicted the future. A precognitive dream can prophesize many aspects of the future.

You may foretell huge successes in your future and how you could achieve them!

In this guide, we're going to take a look at precognitive dreams, how they work, what they could mean, and how you can make use of them. 

Martin Luther King Jr.

What is your dream? 

We are here and open for Martin Luther King Jr Day. We have an ongoing prayer offering of peace, hope and dreams. May peace be with you.

7 Ways to tell if you have had a visitation dream

Here are 7 ways to tell if you had a spirit visitation dream: 

1. Visitation dreams feel real. The dreamer may be able to physically feel, smell, empathize and accept the energy as real in the dream. 

2. There is some clarity given to the dreamer. The spirit communicates clearly through words or actions.

3. The spirit that is visiting is whole again. The spirit is not sick, injured or sad. 

4. The dreamer usually wakes up feeling peace, happiness, love and comfort. 

5. The spirit appears to look like their younger self. 

Spirit Visitation Dreams

We believe spirits are always around us. The energy of crossed loved ones stays with us once the soul of the person has crossed over. Many people use psychic mediums to connect with a crossed loved one’s energy. But, you don’t always need to use a psychic medium for the energy to come through. There are ways to recognize spirit energy around you.

Spirits Communicating through Dreams

Spirit may also try to communicate with you in your dreams. There is a difference between a regular dream, where the crossed loved one appears, and a dream that includes a visitation. A visitation dream is very comforting. It is truly a gift to someone who has lost a loved one. 

How do you feel intuition?

You probably have intuition, the sixth sense, as a gift. It is a sense that helps protect you from danger, gives you a hunch, guides you and helps you make decisions. Learning to listen to your intuition is very important. When you learn how to trust your intuition, you can use it to your advantage. Intuition is a powerful sense. Learning to use your intuition is learning how to use your gift to benefit yourself and others. 

Dreams and Spirits: Spirit visitation dreams

It is quite the wonderful feeling to have a crossed loved one appear to communicate and let you know that their presence is around you during a dream. These dreams can be very vivid and can include raw emotions. They can also give a sense of peace and/or provide comfort. These dreams can also have you relive the nightmare on how you lost them. When you wake up, there can be a sense of peace or an uneasy feeling or even sadness.

4 Common themes of dreams and their meanings

Many of our psychic readers can help you determine a more personal assessment of your dreams, but here are some common themes of dreaming and their meanings.  Before you get a psychic reading focusing on dream interpretation, be sure to have a couple notes in a journal about the dreams that are bothering you.  

1.  Dreaming of missing teeth and/or dreaming of losing teeth - The fear of losing something that is important to you and/or the worry of a health issue.