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How do you feel intuition?

How do you feel intuition?

You probably have intuition, the sixth sense, as a gift. It is a sense that helps protect you from danger, gives you a hunch, guides you and helps you make decisions. Learning to listen to your intuition is very important. When you learn how to trust your intuition, you can use it to your advantage. Intuition is a powerful sense. Learning to use your intuition is learning how to use your gift to benefit yourself and others. 

There are a many ways to feel your intuition. It can be an indescribable feeling, a small sense, or an overwhelming sense. Learning to listen and understand your intuition is so important. Intuition can help you avoid danger, it can help you make good decisions, it can help you in dating, it can help you in every aspect of your life. 

Using your intuition gets easier with more life experience. With more life experience, you learn what your cues are and how to listen to them. Your intuition will also get stronger as you grow spiritually. The more you research, the more you will understand your personal gift. 

Intuition can come through physically, in dreams, on a hunch, a passing thought, a light bulb moment, and in a strong feeling that can be indescribable. 

When you feel intuition warning you physically, it can come through as a pit in your stomach, goosebumps on your body, sudden anxiety, sudden warmth, hair stands up on the back of your neck, or the sudden urge to flee. All of these physical symptoms can be for a positive or negative situation. If you listen, you will know almost immediately if it is for a positive or negative reason. It’s your intuition - if it’s coming through physically, listen to it. 

Intuition can come through in dreams. It can be a little harder to translate your dreams for your intuition. We recommend journaling, recording your thoughts, researching and possibly getting help from a psychic for your dream interpretation intuitive thoughts. Intuition in dreams can be complex, but they can also help show you what you what is in your best interest. 

Sometimes it takes a while to completely get the message your intuition is telling you - and, sometimes your intuition takes over and is overwhelming. Learning to trust yourself and putting yourself first is key in translating your real feelings and intuition. 

What are ways you feel your intuition? Do you feel your intuition regularly?
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