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How do I know if I had a psychic experience?

I think I had a psychic vision. How do I know if I had a psychic experience?

There are many ways to have a psychic experience. We do believe that most people possess some sort of psychic ability through their sixth sense and natural intuition. Your sixth sense is very important to your survival. We always encourage listening to your gut feeling if you feel something isn’t right. If you feel any sort of danger, be sure to get to safety. That is your sixth sense and intuition talking to you. 

Psychic visions, psychic dreams, having a hunch, feeling of knowing and feeling that you know a person are all ways to feel your intuition and sixth sense. The difference between a basic intuitive thought and knowing it is a moment of psychic ability is confidence and practice. 

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When exploring your psychic abilities, first know there are many different types of psychic abilities. Clairvoyance, psychic mediumship, channeling, remote viewing, dream interpretation, visions are all different types of abilities. If you start having feelings about your intuition and you want to explore your abilities further, we recommend reading as much as you can about psychics and the metaphysical world. 

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Learning about different psychic gifts will help you figure out where you fit in on the psychic spectrum. Once you learn about the different gifts, you will be able to research each part of the gift and explore how to be more confident with your abilities. 

Being confident in your psychic abilities takes time to develop. The more your study, learn, focus, meditate, journal and test yourself the stronger you will be. 

You will know when you have had a psychic experience when you feel it. It will be a different type of feeling than a hunch. It is a stronger feeling that you feel certain about. For example, if you have a psychic visitation dream, or a dream where you feel a spirit, you wake up with the most amazing feeling. You definitely know it is different than a regular dream state. A psychic dream with a visitation leaves you with a feeling of comfort, love and, in some cases, closure. You wake up and know a message from the dream. 

Another example of a psychic experience is when you first meet a person and you have your initial first impression. That initial impression is very important. You immediately notice their energy, if they seem genuine, if they seem frazzled and if they seem like someone you would like to get to know. Your first impression is closely linked to your intuition. That person may seem like someone you want to get to know. They may also seem like someone you want to stay away from because of the energy you are feeling from them.

As we get older, our intuition and psychic abilities increase because we start to understand energy. You may recognize different energy in different people. You may also notice patterns of energy. Constantly studying your gift and working towards understanding will help you further your intuition and psychic ability. 

Children are usually sensitive to the gift. When they are born they are close to the spirit world. They also haven’t been taught their intuition is scary or weird. They are open to the energy and often play around with it. Imaginary friends and psychic dreams may be common in children. It is important to accept the children as they are and listen to their sensitivities. We want them to use their intuition. It can keep them safe. 

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Having a psychic experience and using your intuition are gifts. They help people cope, make sense of energy, keep them safe and provide help to others. We encourage you to learn as much as possible about your gifts. 

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