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16 signs you have Psychic Medium Abilities

16 signs you have Psychic Medium Abilities

16 Signs of Psychic Medium Abilities

1. You remember feeling or seeing spirits as a child. Seeing spirits and/or having an imaginary friend when you were young are early signs you have mediumship abilities.

2. You have anxiety - It’s not really explainable.

3. A spiritual awakening makes your gift stronger. The more spiritual you are, the stronger the feelings become.

4. You don’t sleep well and/or wake up around 3am. This is thought to happen because it’s an easier time of day for the spirit world to connect with you.

5. You feel loads of energy when you are at cemeteries, among old furniture or belongings, and/or old buildings. It is almost an electric experience for your whole body.

6. Old cities or sites of disasters are really difficult to deal with because of so much energy.

7. You see shadows out of the corner of your vision when nothing is there. It can also be a flash of light.

8. Feelings can be overwhelming at times. When you hear of someone’s passing, you can feel a little piece of the passing.

9. You have a natural connection with animals - sometimes animals go out of their way to find you. Animals know and identify psychic and connected people. Animals rely on their intuition quite a bit. They recognize that energy easily in humans - sometimes way before the human knows of their ability.

10. You identify more as an energy person versus someone who relies on concrete data. If you are a natural born psychic medium, you feel energy a bit different than other people. It can be overwhelming.

11. Your dreams are symbolic, vivid and could even be a place where you first get your ability to pick up on energy.

12. You are related to someone with the gift. It is thought that the gift can skip a generation or be passed on directly.

13. You MUST have time for yourself and you MUST find out how to step back from spirit. Most of the psychic mediums we know have rituals that help them clear energy. It can be a meditation, saging, salt baths, eucalyptus essential oil use or lighting white candles or any way the reader can find to help clear energy. Psychic mediums get a lot of energy - it can happen round the clock. It’s important to find a way to clear the energy.

14. Crowds or groups of people are difficult to be around. The amount of energy can be strong and can be overwhelming. Psychic mediums are often loners because being around many people brings loads of energy that can be tough to clear.

15. Insomnia - if you’re not sleeping well, you should consult your doctor. But it’s also a sign that you may be highly sensitive and possibly have psychic medium abilities.

16. You give good advice - you have natural wisdom. People describe you as an old soul. If you have any questions about psychic mediumship or your psychic abilities, please call us. We love to help! We have been booking and testing psychic readers for over 20 years. Our service is based on repeat clientele. Our clients call us back because we offer a valuable service. You can find more information on our YouTube Channel here 1-800-966-2294

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