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16 signs you have Psychic Medium Abilities

24 Apr

16 Signs of Psychic Medium Abilities

1. You remember feeling or seeing spirits as a child. Seeing spirits and/or having an imaginary friend when you were young are early signs you have mediumship abilities.

2. You have anxiety - It’s not really explainable.

3. A spiritual awakening makes your gift stronger. The more spiritual you are, the stronger the feelings become.

4. You don’t sleep well and/or wake up around 3am. This is thought to happen because it’s an easier time of day for the spirit world to connect with you.

5. You feel loads of energy when you are at cemeteries, among old furniture or belongings, and/or old buildings. It is almost an electric experience for your whole body.

6. Old cities or sites of disasters are really difficult to deal with because of so much energy.

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