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Have you ever experienced a psychic vision?

A psychic vision usually happens during meditation or a time where there is a quiet space around a person.  It can also happen at any time in day to day life, or while in a dream state, but usually it can happen when a person finds personal space to meditate and focus on a situation.  A psychic vision can be called an experience of light or illumination.  A psychic vision can deal with a relationship event, a sporting event, certain actions throughout the day and/or in an emergency situation.  

It is important to pay attention to a psychic vision.  The person experiencing the event may or may not know it has anything to do with their present situation.  We recommend writing the event down along with the date and time it happened.  The difference between a psychic vision and a daydream is the profound impact it has on a person.  If you have a profound psychic vision and have questions about what happened, we have readers who can definitely help.  Recognizing a psychic vision is one of the first steps in the journey to tuning into your higher self.