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What is precognition?

What is precognition?

Precognition is generally thought of as the ability to recognize or know a future event is going to happen before it actually happens. It is often explained as the ability to see into the future.  How does precognition work? This is a common question regarding psychics. Generally, there is more than one way to experience precognition.

A clairvoyant psychic is described as someone who is clear seeing. This means that they have visual experiences that help them figure out a situation. For example, a psychic may see a visual of a person and get a message from them. A picture might flash in their head just before an event happens. One experience that was related to us was about a woman driving down a dark street one night on an unlit country road. An image of a black dog flashed into her head, causing her to slow down a bit. Sure enough a black dog was standing in the middle of the road. Happily, an accident was avoided.

A clairaudient psychic is generally described as clear hearing. This means that they might pick up sounds that contain warnings. Sometimes they might hear a shout or a warning voice in their head. Music might be playing. Some readers have explained that when certain music plays, it generally foreshadows a certain type of experience. For example, one reader shared that she kept hearing bells during a reading with a client. She interpreted this as wedding bells. Sure enough, the client became engaged to the person she was calling about.

A clairsentient psychic is thought to have the ability to pick up things with all their senses. In addition to seeing and hearing, they may smell or feel something on their skin. If they also have precognitive ability, they may pick up information in lots of different ways. One example was a reader on the east coast that was doing a reading for a New Yorker. The reader suddenly interrupted her reading and blurted out, “Do you smell knishes?” The client laughed and said she was looking out her apartment window at a potato knish cart and was heading that way right after the reading.

A psychic tarot card reader that is good at predicting the future may be able to use the cards in order to see a trend. When you get a phone psychic reading, often readers do a focused spread that should get right to the point. For example, a client kept getting readings from a tarot reader about her wedding plans. Most of the reading was positive, but the cards kept warning about some sort of argument or disagreement that would take place around that time.  Sure enough, a couple of close family members had a big falling out. The client was able to put them at different tables and keep them apart. Being alerted to this possible problem made her wedding reception go the way she wanted it to.

These are some examples of precognitive readings that should help you understand how your psychic is able to look into the future and offer helpful advice. These precognition pointers will, hopefully, help you better understand and take control of your psychic reading experience.
The readers at The Psychic Line by Paramount Solutions may be able to help you interpret the flashes of insight or precognitive dreams you may receive. You could possess a psychic ability you never knew about.  You might just be a clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient or have the ability to interpret Tarot cards as a guide to what might happen in the future.