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What Is a Precognitive Dream?

20 Aug

Have you ever had a precognitive dream? Around 50 percent of people say they've had a dream which has predicted the future. A precognitive dream can prophesize many aspects of the future.

You may foretell huge successes in your future and how you could achieve them!

In this guide, we're going to take a look at precognitive dreams, how they work, what they could mean, and how you can make use of them. 

Are you ready to learn more and harness the power of precognition? 

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Knowing the Future: What Is Precognition?

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02 Jul

Do you think you have psychic abilities?

If you often have premonitions or "feelings" about events that eventually come to pass, you may be a natural clairvoyant! Even if you don't have a natural psychic ability, precognition can be learned!

Having the ability to pick up on an event before it happens can be beneficial for your relationships, career prospects, and home life.

Who wouldn't want the ability to make these things better?

Here is everything you should know about precognition and how to develop your psychic abilities.

What Is Precognition?

Precognition is the ability to become aware of or see an event before it happens without using any of your five senses. Everyone is capable of precognition, but most people choose to remain blind to their clairvoyance. Precognitive events usually appear to individuals in the forms of visions and feelings, but there are a variety of ways people can see into the future.

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What is precognition?

06 Mar

Precognition is generally thought of as the ability to recognize or know a future event is going to happen before it actually happens. It is often explained as the ability to see into the future. How does precognition work? This is a common question regarding psychics. Generally, there is more than one way to experience precognition.

A clairvoyant psychic is described as someone who is clear seeing. This means that they have visual experiences that help them figure out a situation. For example, a psychic may see a visual of a person and get a message from them. A picture might flash in their head just before an event happens. One experience that was related to us was about a woman driving down a dark street one night on an unlit country road. An image of a black dog flashed into her head, causing her to slow down a bit. Sure enough a black dog was standing in the middle of the road. Happily, an accident was avoided.

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Precognition - Halloween Series

23 Oct

Halloween is generally a great time of year to explore metaphysics. Precognition is usually referred to as future sight. This psychic ability is thought to enable a person to know something is going to happen in advance. Some people experience precognition in dreams. Others may experience a voice or just a thought that lets them know when something may happen in the future.

My personal experiences with precognition are somewhat random. While many people experience a precognitive knowing during a dream, I just get a sudden thought in my head. This does not happen often, but it is fascinating when it does occur. I am not a professional psychic, but like a lot of people - I do have some fun experiences to share. Maybe you do, too!

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01 May

Telepathy is the ability to connect with another living being at the most basic level of energy. It seems to be present in every relationship we have with people, animals, and other living creatures. Precognition is the ability to predict an event before it actually takes place.

Think about it. Telepathy is a basis for communication. Have you ever finished a sentence for someone? Pure telepathy! Do you instintively recognize friend or foe - even before you know that person? Perhaps you are able to pick up the negative or positive thoughts emanating from that person.

An example of precognition woul be if you think of someone, and then have that person suddenly communicate with you (the telepathic part of the event). The person is thinking of you, you feel them, they call. Precognition is often associated with telepathy is not a special skill or an unusual psychic ability.

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