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Telepathy is the ability to connect with another living being at the most basic level of energy.  It seems to be present in every relationship we have with people, animals, and other living creatures.  Precognition is the ability to predict an event before it actually takes place.

Think about it.  Telepathy is a basis for communication.  Have you ever finished a sentence for someone?  Pure telepathy!  Do you instintively recognize friend or foe - even before you know that person?  Perhaps you are able to pick up the negative or positive thoughts emanating from that person.  

An example of precognition woul be if you think of someone, and then have that person suddenly communicate with you (the telepathic part of the event).  The person is thinking of you, you feel them, they call.  Precognition is often associated with telepathy is not a special skill or an unusual psychic ability.

When you meet a person or living thing, you generally connect with them at the most basic level.  You send out and receive energy.  The conscisous mind reacts to the event only after a delay betwen the actual realization and what happens.  We react to things based on our personal experiences and expectations.  Most people have experienced telepathy or precognition many times.

Take the time to learn about telepathy and precognition and how to put these abilities to use.  The first step is in recognizing these psychic experiences and acknowledging your ability.

If you want to enhance your telepathic psychic abilities, it may be fun to find a practice partner.  A common way to experiment with telepathy is to get some ESP test cards.  With a partner, one of you should look at a card, and the other person should pick the card that is being looked at.  Do not keep score.  Relax and enjoy.

When it comes to precognition, you can do this on your own, also.  When you are alone, spread out the cards, choose one (no peeking) and try to visualize which card you have chosen.  Again, do not keep score.  Relax and see what happens.

Practice often for limited amounts of time.  Using your psychic abilities in a positive manner should open new doors for you and help you out with interpreting the energies that are in your life.  Just think how helpful it would be to be able to predict and understand the behavior of your lover, boss, family members, rivals, friends, etc.

Telepathic ability has the potential to tune into the energy of those around you. Do you think it would be helpful to know what someone else is really thinking?  Precognition should give you the edge when you are looking for an outcome or event based on thoughts or energy. 

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