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Precognition - Halloween Series

Halloween is generally a great time of year to explore metaphysics.  Precognition is usually referred to as future sight.  This psychic ability is thought to enable a person to know something is going to happen in advance.  Some people experience precognition in dreams.  Others may experience a voice or just a thought that lets them know when something may happen in the future.

My personal experiences with precognition are somewhat random.  While many people experience a precognitive knowing during a dream, I just get a sudden thought in my head.  This does not happen often, but it is fascinating when it does occur.  I am not a professional psychic, but like a lot of people - I do have some fun experiences to share.  Maybe you do, too!

The first experience that I want to share took place many years ago.  I was driving home late one night.  The road was a dark, curvy, paved road in a rural area.  There were not street lights and the lines marking the road were faded.  Additionally, there was no moon that night.  It was also slightly foggy.  In other words it was very dark.  The speed limit on the road was around 50 mph.  I was cruising along listening to my radio.  Suddenly, I thought to myself - there's a dog.  I braked (have no idea why).  As I slowed down my headlights caught sight of a big black dog in the road just ahead of me.  If I had not slowed down, I would have hit the dog.  Instead, he ran of safely into the darkness.  I was thankful and headed home.  Seems like this is a precognitive experience to me.

The next experience that I will share also happened quite some time ago.  One morning I was chatting with a friend and suddenly thought that her husband would hurt his back.  She chuckled when I told her.  Neither one of us gave this a second thought.  Later that evening my friend called me to tell me her husband injured his back that afternoon while unloading a truck.  We were mystified by the experience.  I have not had this sort of experience since.  

The last experience I will share happened just the other day involving an awning.  I was tempted to open an awning over a doorway because it was raining.  I did not open the awning because the thought popped into my head that this would be a bad idea.  There were some small tree branches close by.  I left the awning closed and walked off to join friends.  While I was gone, someone else decided to open the awning.  I was surprised to see it open, but did not pay much attention.  However, when it was time to close the awning, it would not close.  It took a lot of coaxing to finally get it to close.  Another precognitive experience?  You be the judge.

Precognition is an interesting psychic ability.   The times mentioned above were thought provoking to me.  For me precognition seems to involve something that is just about to happen.  The precognitive event seems to be about to occur, and free will seems to give me the choice of paying attention to my internal compass/intuition or ignoring it.

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