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7 Tips for an accurate psychic medium reading

7 Tips for an accurate psychic medium reading

A reading from a psychic medium is often sought after, yet sometimes misunderstood reading. People have watched television dramatizations of mediumship where tables shake, lights flicker on and off, candles are snuffed, people feel chilled and then the medium appears to be taken over by a spirit that actually may use the medium as a channel. This occurrence often involves some sort of strange voice from a spirit that takes over the conversation. Please keep in mind that this is a dramatization of a psychic event. There are many ways spirit may be able to communicate and share their thoughts or feelings – all without the drama!
Some suggestions for those that are interested in a psychic mediumship reading follow:
1.    Learn the differences in the types of readings that a medium might provide. A channeling medium may be able to provide a channel and expedite a “chat” between spirit and client. A clairvoyant medium may be able to provide descriptions that mean something to the client. A clairaudient medium may be able to hear thoughts and share them with a client. An empathic medium might pick up on feelings. Some mediums pick up pure energy and thought. These all seem to be valid ways to perform a psychic medium reading.
2.    Make an effort to relax and be open to a mediumship reading. If you are tense, nervous or overly emotion, this might disrupt the reading energy. Remember, it may be wise to take a minute to relax and prepare mentally in order to get the most out of your experience
3.    Try to approach your mediumship reading with an open mind. Often many spirits may come through and attempt to communicate. The messages and how they are presented usually depends on the abilities of the psychic that you are using. Sometimes, mediums get lots of messages all at once and have to make a decision as to which ones to share. It is probably a good idea to write everything down and review it later – especially, if you are a little frustrated with the process. Often, the details provided by the psychic will make sense later on.
4.    Try to avoid the temptation to go into a psychic medium reading with too many preconceived ideas. This type of reading is usually not like a telephone line to the next world. Spirits more often than not share energy and visuals in order to verify a connection. The psychic is probably seeing things with their third eye. If you have it in your mind that you only want to talk to your deceased mother and think that only a reference to her favorite flower will convince you, you may be setting yourself up for disappointment. You might miss some wonderfully, important information if you have a closed mind. You might want to just relax and listen to everything the medium shares, it may provide you with comfort and insight.
5.    It is probably a good idea to avoid saying too much to your psychic medium. If you provide too much information and try to tell the medium too much, you may be interfering with the medium’s ability to connect and share real insight with you. 
6.    If the medium does not seem to be picking spirit up for you, it is probably best for both of you to try the reading on another day. You should be able to tell if they are picking your spirits in the first five to ten minutes of the reading. You can tell if they are off if they seem to be sharing things that do not relate to you. They may have somehow tuned in to someone else’s energy and might need to cleanse before you try again. If this happens, it might be a good idea to reschedule when energy is clear for the reader.
7.    A phone psychic mediumship reading can be a very good way to connect with spirit. You may feel somewhat reassured that the reading is purely based on energy instead of verbal or visual cues.
There seem to be many fun, gratifying and satisfying ways to receive a psychic mediumship reading. We hope these suggestions help you on your quest to expand your consciousness and explore the other side.