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Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides and Big Brother's Kaitlyn Herman

We admit, most of our office staff love to watch Big Brother on CBS. We really look forward to it every year. We were SUPER excited to see Kaitlyn Herman who claims to be a life coach and a psychic. She talks about Spirit Guides, Chakras, Auras and other esoteric terms openly. 

We love Spirit Guides. Our readers regularly listen to their spirit guides. We are so happy they are being discussed on the show. 

Spirit Guides are generally described as incorporeal beings that help direct us through our lives. It seems that some Guides are lifelong helpers and other guides may appear to assist you with specific situations. Guides usually help you by tuning into your energy field in order to help you.  

Guides may assist you because of their ability to see what is going on around you. For example, you might hear the same song over and over again for no reason. If this happens, you might be wise to take note. It may be a sign. What is the song saying to you?

A Spirit Guide may help you enhance your intuition. If you have a gut feeling, it is may be help from your spirit friend. They also may communicate by sending you flashes of intuition. If you hear a voice in your head telling you something, you should probably take heed. If you have a random thought, you should probably try to figure out why you had it.

Have you suddenly reconnected with an old friend? Perhaps your Spirit Guide has arranged this reconnection in order to help you understand what is going on around you or warn you about something. You might want to take a moment to try to figure out why this person has suddenly reappeared. There may be a message or lesson available.

Perhaps you have been thinking about taking up a new hobby. If you suddenly feel the urge to try an art class and shortly after that get a social media alert about a new art class in your area, you might be wise to check it out. Your Spirit Guides will probably appreciate it if you pay attention to the signals they send.

Another way to touch base with your Spirit Guides is to meditate. This may help you center your energy and make communication between you and your Guides easier.

It might be smart to pay particular attention to your dreams. If you are familiar with lucid dreaming, it might be a valuable tool that might enhance the connection with your guides so that they can share their knowledge of the universe with you.

If you are confused or concerned about your intuition regarding Spirit Guides or fear that you are just imagining things, you should ask yourself if the information you are receiving applies to you or your life. If you hear a song about true love over and over, perhaps they are telling you that love is in the air. Have you met someone new, or is your current relationship really coming together nicely? They may be signaling their support.  If you receive a Groupon for a watercolor class after having a random thought to sign up for one, perhaps there is some special discovery that your Guides are trying to help you with. Are these really just random coincidences?

If you have had positive experiences in the past when paying attention to your intuition, maybe you should really try to tune in better to the wisdom available from your Spirit Guides. If you have ignored signals from your Guides: Have you had poor results in your life?

Checking out how Spirit Guides work and communicate should be a very interesting and helpful topic to explore this summer. While enjoying Big Brother’s Kaitlyn Herman, if you have questions about your Spirit Guides, it might be a great time to call The Psychic Line by Paramount Solutions, Inc. to talk to a tested telephone psychic. 

Psychic readings are fun! 

Paramount Solutions, inc. is not affiliated with Big Brother, CBS or Kaitlyn Herman in any way.