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A little information about Chakras - the energy centers of the body

01 Jul

Chakras pertain to the connection between the mind, the body and the spirit. They are the energy centers of the body. There are seven major Chakras attached to the body.

Chakras populate your body through your spine, mid-section, and head. They are to be numbered from bottom (Chakras 5-7 - lower spine), to the mid-section (Chakra 4) and upward to the head (Chakras 1-3).

Balancing the energy of the Chakras that move through your being may to be important to your physical and spiritual well being. You can do many things to help balance your Chakras including yoga, reiki and meditation.

Interpreting and understanding your Chakras may be very helpful. Interestingly, the proper alignment of Chakras helps most readers enhance their ability to transmit and receive messages during a psychic reading.

Each Chakra has the ability to resonate to a set sound or color vibration. (Auras may reveal how your Chakras are functioning).

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Spirit Guides and Big Brother's Kaitlyn Herman

30 Jun

We admit, most of our office staff love to watch Big Brother on CBS. We really look forward to it every year. We were SUPER excited to see Kaitlyn Herman who claims to be a life coach and a psychic. She talks about Spirit Guides, Chakras, Auras and other esoteric terms openly.

We love Spirit Guides. Our readers regularly listen to their spirit guides. We are so happy they are being discussed on the show.

Spirit Guides are generally described as incorporeal beings that help direct us through our lives. It seems that some Guides are lifelong helpers and other guides may appear to assist you with specific situations. Guides usually help you by tuning into your energy field in order to help you.

Guides may assist you because of their ability to see what is going on around you. For example, you might hear the same song over and over again for no reason. If this happens, you might be wise to take note. It may be a sign. What is the song saying to you?

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