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Full moon - March 23, 2016

Tonight we have our first full moon of the spring solstice. It is names a worm moon by native Americans because many night crawlers make an appearance during the brightness of this moon. Be sure to take a look outside tonight - the moon should be beautiful with light. It is thought that a full moon can make energy a little wild here on Earth. Specifically causing havoc on police and hospitals, but it is not really proven.

How to connect with your spirit guides

A spirit guide is a soul that has the job of guiding a human toward a better life and enhanced spiritual awareness. These beings are there to watch over and protect us as we travel through our human existence. 

It is not always easy to connect with your spirit guide and most people have never harnessed their ability to do so. Psychics and mediums usually find it simple to connect with their own spirit guides but they have also accepted that they have certain abilities and have worked to develop what is called a “sixth sense”. 

How can I communicate with my spirit guides? Do I have spirit guides?

A spirit guide is an energy assigned to a soul before he of she enters the physical world. It is an energy which helps to spiritually guide that physical being through their life here in the physical world. A spirit guide usually is one which affects a particular soul positively. Spirit guides are believed to come from a higher power. Some guides are in animal form and other spirit guides are ancestral from one’s own family or with some sort of kinship.