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How can I communicate with my spirit guides? Do I have spirit guides?

15 Feb

A spirit guide is an energy assigned to a soul before he of she enters the physical world. It is an energy which helps to spiritually guide that physical being through their life here in the physical world. A spirit guide usually is one which affects a particular soul positively. Spirit guides can come from a higher power, like Buddha or Jesus. Some guides are in animal form and other spirit guides are ancestral from one’s own family or with some sort of kinship.

A spirit guide is a positive entity to have around guiding a person’s path. Spirit guides can stay with a person their entire life or through different tough times to guide the person. For instance, after the loss of a loved one, the guide can bring positivity and light to the person who is grieving.

Spirit guides are often thought of leaving signs to a person who can not see them to let the person know they are there. For instance, a butterfly can fly by while you are listening to a song that reminds you of a deceased loved one. It is just a matter of paying attention to signs to realize that their spirit is around and trying to help.

There are many different types of spirit guides. If a person pays attention, they can certainly learn to listen to the spirit guides and learn what the guide is there to teach.

Talking to a psychic medium can definitely help a person tune into what a spirit guide is trying to communicate.