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Understanding Angels

There are different kinds of Angels.  Generally, there are three different kinds of angels that assist us while we exist on the earthly plane.  There are Guardian Angels, Angels, and Archangels.  Angels are all around us.  All we have to do is open our hearts and minds to experience, understand and acknowledge them. 

Most people have heard of Guardian Angels.  Guardian Angels stay with you at all times - from birth until you pass on.  A Guardian Angel loves you unconditionally and seeks to provide you with protection and guidance.  A Guardian Angel may be identified by their bright white aura.    A Spirit Guide is different from a Guardian Angel.  A Spirit Guide generally is a being that has passed on and attaches to you in order to provide you with advice, comfort, and gentle warnings about the path you have or are in the process of choosing.  Most Spirit Guides usually are passed loved ones such as a grandparent, parent, sibling, close friend, lover, etc.  They may have a connection with your family and decided to attach themselves to you in order to provide comfort.  A Spirit Guide may act in some of the same capacities as a Guardian Angel, but usually give off a bluish white aura.  Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides are not there to interfere with free will.  You have to make your own decisions which in turn determine your destiny.  

The type of help a Guardian Angel or Spirit Guide generally provides is communicated to us in subtle ways.  For example, one dark and foggy night I was driving home.  It was rather late.  Suddenly, and for no real reason, I felt mildly fearful and the thought "dog" popped into my head.  I slowed quickly.  To my surprise - a few seconds later - a black dog in the road ahead appeared.  He turned toward me and my headlights caught a flash of white fur on his chest.   He darted off the road to safety.  If I had not slowed down, I probably would have hit the dog or wrecked my car trying to avoid him.   I was astonished.   Why did that thought and reaction occur to me right at that moment.?  It seems that my Guardian Angels or Spirits Guides were looking out for me.  It was a very nice save.

Angels are beings that stem from the love directed to us from above.  Angels generally respond to our requests for assistance when we are trying to provide healing and help to others.  Angels may be asked to surround anything that needs protection.  The purpose of an Angel is to protect and serve good.  A thank you to the Angels that protect and surround you is much appreciated.  An example of Angel help occurred for me during a hurricane.  I asked for protection, and my home was the only one on the street without any damage.  I thank the Angels everyday for their loving support.

Archangels are the angels that are in charge of all the spiritual beings among us.  Angels do not have solid form.  They do not experience time and space the same way we do.  An Archangel is an available energy that may be able to help in different locations and situations at the same time.  All you need to do is invite an Angel to help you.  People have free will, so Angels will not interfere unless asked.  The only time they may intervene is if you are in a situation that will put you on the other side before your time.  Subtle clues tell us when there is an Angel.  You might see a flash of sparkly light out of the corner of your eye, you may hear a warning that is not audible to anyone else, you may hear music that is only there for you, you may experience an epiphany that is life changing or feel a sudden chill followed by a what seems to be a loving, warm hug.

It is interesting and hopeful that you can ask your Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, Angels, and Archangels for comfort, protection and advice as you seek your destiny.  An empathic or clairvoyant telephone psychic reader should be able to help you get in touch with and understand the Angels around you.  Since Angels appear to be all around us in order to help in areas of love, family, work, protection, business, homes, animals, friends, safety, etc.,; it is probably a great idea to figure out how to use their support in making decisions and taking action.   

Personally, I am thankful to my Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, Angels and the Archangels for their loving support.  Take a moment to think of all the miracles in your life and how they came about.  Do you have an Angel to thank?  I sure do.