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9 Common Questions About Spirit Guides

9 Common Questions About Spirit Guides

What is a Spirit Guide?

There are many forms of spirit guides. They are useful to an individual throughout their life. Spirit guides in the most basic form are energies that are in your life to help you. You may or may not know your spirit guides. You may not know how to listen to them. We believe your spirit guides will get louder and more persistent until you do listen. Spirit guides may be around you for a moment, during a time of crisis, seeing you through a goal or they may be around for your lifetime. It is very comforting to have spirit guides around you. 

Spirit guides are positive energies. It is a blessing to have spirit energy around you. 

Is there a difference in talking to spirit and talking to a spirit guide? 

Talking to spirit and talking to spirit guides are the same. Some people have a spirit they regularly communicate with and they may call that spirit. It is an energy they have with them most of the time. When a person is psychic, they are on a higher spiritual level. They can learn to listen and translate messages from their own spirit guides. They may use their own spirit guides in a reading. They may also read off your spirit guides to help you with your life issues. 

Does everyone have spirit guides? 

We believe everyone does have spirit guides. Most people do not know or understand their spirit guides until they get to know their higher self. You can get to know your higher self through your spiritual journey. Most people find comfort in knowing they have someone looking out for them on a spiritual level in their life path. 

Get to Know Your Spirit Guides

How can I communicate with my spirit guides? 

Once you reach a higher level of spirituality, it becomes easier to listen to your guides. Guides can be persistent and if you ignore them, they may try to disrupt you until you learn or listen to them. They can give huntches of thought, sparks of light, physical barriers, life disruptions, dreams, odd feelings and/or in meditation. 

Whether you know it or are aware of it or not, you are always communicating with your spirit guides. Getting to the point of two way communication with spirit guides is the tricky part. Many psychics can help identify and translate messages from spirit guides. You may or may not ever know one or all of your spirit guides or the help they are giving you. 

How can I communicate with my Spirit Guides? Do I have Spirit Guides?

How do I know who my spirit guides are? 

You might have a hunch of who may be looking out for you from the spirit world. You really may not know the spirit at all. Spirits can try to help you in your daily life. They may be with you for a moment, during a difficult time or for a lifetime. We encourage you to go with your intuition in finding out who the energies might be. Many psychics who specialize in mediumship and/or spirit guides may be able to help you figure out the energies, who they are, why they are with you and how they are trying to help you. 

Who are my Spirit Guides?

Are spirit guides different than a Guardian Angel?

Spirit guides and Angels share many of the same traits. Both spirit guides and Angels are watching over you. Angels and Guardian Angels come from a religious belief system. Many people pray to Angels. Angels protect against immediate harm and keep us safe when we acute care - such as in a car accident. Spirit guides are energies that protect you and guide you towards a more spiritual life and toward a positive path. (This is a VERY simplified explanation.)

How do I connect with my spirit guides?

There are many ways to connect with your spirit guides. Learning how to meditate and listen will help you connect with your spirit guides. Psychic medium readers and some clairvoyant psychic readers may be able to help you connect with your spirit guides and help translate their messages. It is important to listen to your spirit guides because they genuinely are there to help you personally.

How to Connect with your Spirit Guides 

What happens if I ignore or never get to know my spirit guides? 

You may get stuck spiritually in a position of life that is not going towards your higher self. Spirit guides are there to help you through rough times. They are also there to help spiritually and they may help keep you safe. Everyone has spirit guides. Most of the population never gets to know or understand their spirit guides. The spirit guides will still try to help in any way they can. 

Do you have to be psychic to listen to spirit guides?

You don’t have to be psychic to listen to your spirit guides. There are many people who do not ever know or understand their spirit guides because they don’t believe in them. Their spirit guides still try to guide them and help them. We do believe most people have some psychic ability in their sixth sense. Learning to use your intuition can help in learning how to listen to your spirit guides.

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