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Learn how to visualize boundaries to protect your empathy

Learn how to visualize boundaries to protect your empathy

In our blog, we talk about meditation, vibration, boundaries and empathic psychic abilities quite a bit. It’s because if you are psychic, or you are looking to understand psychic abilities, all of these words are very important to enhancing your psychic abilities. They are also very important practices to maintain your sanity as an empathic person. Protecting your empathy as a sensitive person is very important to maintaining your sanity and peace. Empathy is one of the first traits many psychics notice when starting to explore their psychic gifts. Empathy is a very important trait for everyone, but psychics learn to use it differently than the average person.

Sensitivity is also a very important trait for people who are learning about their psychic abilities. How do I know if I am a psychic? Am I Psychic? Empathy and sensitivity can be VERY difficult to deal with in day to day life as a psychic or as someone who is learning about their abilities. It can be a very emotional journey.

A big part of becoming stronger and a better psychic is to learn how to maintain healthy boundaries while also being open to other people’s energy and feelings. 5 Questions to ask yourself to see if you are an empath Many empathic people can’t stand to be in crowds because of the energy. Because we are human, it’s important to have other people in our lives, but it can be difficult for empaths because other people’s energy can feel really powerful. Healthy boundaries will help you in dealing with people and crowds if you are an empathic person. Learning to create healthy boundaries is a little more complicated. A boundary is what the empathic person makes of it. It can help to visualize a wall, or a bubble around you. Visualize all of the things you will let in your space. It could be your dog, or cat, a loved one, someone who energizes you, someone who loves you, a few of your favorite things and a few of your favorite memories. Anything that does not fit into your little space that you created in your mind is not allowed. Use your meditation to help you visualize your little space with all of the things you love and things that make you feel good. Now, imagine something you do not like is trying to break into your little space. You will protect that space with every power you have. You might feel angry, defensive or ignore the intruder. You can physically say no to the intruder. Whatever you need to do in your mediation to protect your space and feel safe, do it. You can meditate on this feeling and how you will push that energy away from your sacred space. Meditate on this protecting this visualized space as much as possible until you are comfortable with the energy and space you are creating in your mind. You will know you have set your healthy boundary through mediation when you can visualize that energy quickly to use in public - without taking a time out. This may take quite a bit of meditation depending on your experience with mediation and confidence in your meditation. Be patient with yourself - that is part of the self love you need to help guide your journey. Public energy clearing for empaths and empathic people

We found an article we think will help you further, please check out this blog post from The Mind Unleashed. They have excellent tips that can help with your confidence and understanding of healthy boundaries for empathic and sensitive people. Also, please know, developing your psychic abilities is a lifelong journey. There will be times where you feel super psychic and times where you have to work harder at maintaining your boundaries. Call us for a psychic reading! We love to help with your psychic abilities AND with your personal issues. 1-800-966-2294