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Am I psychic?

How do I know if I am a psychic? Am I psychic?

We believe there are MANY more people who are psychic than who currently claim they are psychic. Intuition is known as our sixth sense. It is part of (most of our) the reason many people learn they have psychic abilities. Some people are born with stronger psychic abilities than others, but everyone who is a psychic needs to research and learn on how to develop and protect their energy. 

There are many different types of psychics. We specialize in clairvoyant psychic readings. Clairvoyant readers pick up visually on bits and pieces of your past, present and future and describe their visions to you. The images for some clairvoyant psychics looks like a movie in their mind. Some clairvoyant psychic readers just get pictures and it’s more of a puzzle to put together. Other clairvoyant psychic readers will have flashes of a scene and describe the scene. 

We also work with several psychic medium readers. We want our psychic medium readers to also be able to do clairvoyance because we find it helps complete the energy they are picking up. Psychic mediums operate on a higher energy level and focus on present energy. When combined with clairvoyance, they can focus on images and past, present and future. 

Many psychic medium readers are born with the gift. When a child is a psychic medium, he or she may Many go through times when they are growing up that make them nervous or scared. Some psychic mediums develop their ability through a traumatic event or life crisis. Psychic mediumship can be developed further when the medium learns symbols and what the symbols mean to them. All psychic abilities get more powerful when the psychic gets older and with more life experience. 

Tarot card readers can also provide accurate information in phone readings. We look for readers who use Tarot cards are a tool to use along with clairvoyance and/or psychic mediumship. Tarot card readings alone are accurate as long as you get a reader who knows his or her cards really well. Generally thinking, Tarot card readers are accurate and very helpful with future situations and timing. Tarot card readers may have as many areas of focus are clairvoyant readers and psychic medium readers. They use the cards as a tool to help them with confirmation of their message. 

There are many ways to be psychic. There are many different types of abilities that fall under the “psychic umbrella”. We believe most people DO qualify as psychic. It is up to the individual to figure out which abilities they might have. Finding out that you’re psychic can be scary for many people, but if the correct research and personal growth happen, the people with the abilities soon realize they have an amazing gift. Once a person becomes comfortable with their gift, then they can start to help others.