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7 ways to increase your vibration

7 ways to increase your vibration

7 ways to increase your vibration 

We talk about how energy is important all of the time. Most of us can tell when someone has excellent energy. When we talk about good energy, we are talking about people who are operating at a higher vibration. Higher vibration equals clearing negativity and bringing in positive energy. When your vibration is increased, you abundance may increase because you become a positive energy magnet. 

Here are 7 ways to increase your vibration - 

Eat healthy food. What we mean by healthy is non-processed foods. Foods that might take a little longer to make but they pay you back by helping you stay healthy. Fruits, vegetables, whole yogurt, beans and fermented foods all increase your vibration. When your digestive system is working properly - you will feel so much better. 
Create something. Allow your creative mind to take over and create something. This can be a little challenging if you don’t see yourself as creative. However, when you allow yourself the ability to relax and be creative, you will increase your vibration. Poetry, painting, journaling, drawing - any sort of creative activity that you love can help. 
Exercise - Do exercise that keeps you moving and completely involved. Using exercise to help you get out of your regular routine will help you focus on something different than your normal life pattern. It doesn’t have to be crazy or a super hard workout to raise your vibration. 
Call a friend who loves you - If your friend isn’t available, we have psychics with higher vibrations who can help. Getting, giving and feeling love is helpful in creating positive energy.
Breathe - Take a minute for long, slow deep breathing. The fresh oxygen will flow to your cells and make you feel better. 
Take a bath with epsom salts in it. The epsom salts are high in magnesium. Magnesium promotes healthy relaxation. Most of us are actually deficient in magnesium and trace minerals. If you don’t have a bathtub, you can buy and use lotion that has concentrated magnesium in it. Just be sure to not use it on any areas that have been recently shaved or had hair removal - otherwise the magnesium stings. (It’s like going into the ocean with freshly shaved legs - no bueno).
Write down what you are grateful for and physically say it out loud. Being grateful in your daily life will help raise your vibration. It’s always good to notice and give thanks - even for the smallest things. 

Raising your vibration opens you up for attracting positive energy. Make all of these tips part of your everyday routine and you will be on your way to feeling a bit better.