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Learn how to visualize boundaries to protect your empathy

In our blog, we talk about meditation, vibration, boundaries and empathic psychic abilities quite a bit. It’s because if you are psychic, or you are looking to understand psychic abilities, all of these words are very important to enhancing your psychic abilities.

Psychic energy types of a psychic vampire

On an average day, a person can run into people who have high vibrations, neutral vibrations or low vibrations. People with high vibrations make others feel really good. Neutral vibrations leave us feeling neither drained or boosted. And, low vibrations tend to make us feel like energy is being drained from us. The low vibrational people are the psychic vampires. 

If you think you are a psychic vampire, there are ways to identify and change your vibrations. If you fall into a state where you are a psychic vampire, there is definitely hope. 

Auras are energy fields around a being

Auras are a colorful energy field that surrounds a being. This energy field is often described as having color, light, sounds, and vibrations.This vibrational information may be observed by those that have the ability to see them. 

Auras are produced by the energy from the seven chakras. The health of your spirituality, emotions, and physical being are thought to affect the size of the aura. The layers of the aura seem to expand and contract, depending on what you are experiencing in life.

Psychic Mediums and Vibrations

We believe that most people are psychic or have some sort of intuition. We always recommend paying attention to your first instinct, first impression and any gut feeling you have. The more you pay attention the more accurate your intuition will be. You can also test yourself by journaling and seeing if you're accurate. 

Clairvoyant Psychic Readers

Clairvoyant readers are readers who pick up visually on snapshots from a client's past, present and future. The word Clairvoyant translates to "Clear vision". This is the ability to see things which are hidden. The clairvoyant reader then describes their visions during a psychic reading.