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Renee's notes from Psychic Vampires Facebook Live

Psychic Vampires! They exist - They are people - reader or not a reader - drain time and energy from people around them. 

They are self centered and lack actual empathy. They take more than they give. They will try to convince you that you need to give to them. They are self serving - they may or may not be aware that they are a psychic vampire. If you learn how to identify - YOU will be able to recognize them before getting into a tough situation that you have a hard time getting out of. 

PAY CLOSE attention to your first impressions of anyone you meet. You’re first impression is your intuition talking to you. If you can, journal your thoughts when meeting new people and then test yourself to see if your intuition is correct. Your intuition has you in mind - it is important to honor your first feelings and thoughts.

Ways to identify - There are MANY different kinds of psychic vampires, but they all have a few common themes - Narcissism, victims, Controllers and drama queens. 

The person is full of energy - but you feel drained by them. They are charming - but something is off. Maybe the person likes too much attention. Or maybe the person is bad news - in trouble. 

They may be very flattering. - But, this is a way of grooming you so you suit their needs later. 

They complain. - Often, they complain a lot. They probably want you to listen. 

They don’t have many close or authentic friends. Maybe they have lost contact with their close circle or are estranged from their family - THERE IS A REASON - 

You might have fun with them at first, but after a few days, weeks, or months - They are literally sucking you dry. It could be with time, money, love, emotions, - They put you on their roller coaster of life and you’re being taken advantage of. 

It’s all about them - at first, they might listen to you, give you love, give you care - but over time, they end up taking and taking. They will keep taking unless you put a boundary up. 

They try to manipulate your thoughts and emotions. 

They might put you down passively or overtly. - Make you feel guilty over a circumstance, your successes and/or any happy event in your life. 

They are late, disrespectful of time and/or over exaggerate to inflate their own importance. - All disrespectful to you. 

Ways to protect yourself - 
Learning to know the signs - when you recognize the signs, you will have more power, earlier in the relationship to protect yourself. 

Learning your boundaries - You might only be able to handle small amounts of a person without feeling drained - respect your boundaries in order to protect your energy.

Boundaries are the NUMBER ONE way to protect yourself. Either block them from your phone, physically put your hand out in a stop motion, cross your arms, don’t look them in the eye as a way to avoid contact. 

Learning when to break off the relationship - or at least make the relationship very small in your life. Often, in order to escape a psychic vampire, you have to completely break away. This can be tricky because the vampire may be at work or may be a lover. Do what you have to do to stay safe - not lose your job. Know your boundaries in having this person in your life. Do not cross those boundaries.

Practice meditation, deep breathing, positive self talk - find your safe space. Make sure you can return to your safe space thinking whenever you need it. Having that personal bubble will help you maintain a boundary. 

If you need more help - See a therapist. If you’re in an abusive relationship, definitely see a therapist or contact domestic violence programs in your area. We know that some of these relationships are harder to leave than others. Having a plan is very important. Crisis centers can help.