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Psychic Mediums and Vibrations

Psychic Mediums and Vibrations

We believe that most people are psychic or have some sort of intuition. We always recommend paying attention to your first instinct, first impression and any gut feeling you have. The more you pay attention the more accurate your intuition will be. You can also test yourself by journaling and seeing if you're accurate. 

A psychic medium is a skill that appears to be more available in some people than others. Generally, it is a gift but you can work on your mediumship to make yourself more aware. This ability seems to be stronger in some people than in others. However, you can probably learn to listen if you are willing to put in the work. You have probably heard that practice makes perfect.  Same idea may be applied to psychic ability.

Psychic is a general term that covers a lot of skills and abilities. Since all psychics are not necessarily mediums, this particular ability usually needs to be accessed by enhancing and fine tuning the ability to communicate with spirits.

Spirits are thought to possess a very high vibrational presence. This vibration is generally a much higher frequency than what we experience in this dimension. Generally, a medium has to be able to make his/her vibration higher while the spirit has to lower its vibrational frequency in order to communicate with the psychic medium. This “centralized” meeting between beings of different dimensions is thought to be where the term “medium” comes from. When a psychic medium gets in tune with their vibrational energy, they can then learn how to listen and interpret psychic symbols.

The high energy from other-dimensional spirits may provide communication through the psychic medium by using intense light with sound, images, verbal messages from beyond, or just feelings shared by the spirit.

It is probably a good idea to do some research regarding how to connect with non-physical beings. Calling an experienced psychic medium that may be able to provide you with good advice on how to proceed and handle this skill with integrity should be very helpful as you proceed in gaining understanding about vibrational beings.

You may be able to establish a connection with crossed-over spirits, spirit guides, or even angels if you learn as much as you can about the universe’s gift of psychic mediumship.