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Clairvoyant Psychic Readers

Clairvoyant readers are readers who pick up visually on snapshots from a client's past, present and future. The word Clairvoyant translates to "Clear vision". This is the ability to see things which are hidden. The clairvoyant reader then describes their visions during a psychic reading.

Before we let a reader on our line - we have to believe that they are clairvoyant. We do test readings with the reader to make sure he or she can pick up visually. This is important for readers accuracy. The reader must be able to effectively communicate what he or she is seeing. We also have to believe that they care about people and the message they give to the client.

We don't mind if a clairvoyant reader uses tools. We want the reader to be comfortable and give accurate psychic advice. Some tools used by clairvoyant psychics are Tarot cards, spirit guides, auras and past life regression.

When a reader is strictly clairvoyant, it means that the reader does not use tools in the reading. He or she will pick up on the client's voice vibrations and read from that energy.