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I am a reader. Why can't I read for myself?

I am psychic, why can’t I read for myself?

When learning about your gift and learning how to increase intuition, one of the things a reader needs to learn is how to set boundaries for themselves. They also have to learn how to take their personal bias out of their predictions. Our intuition is off when we read ourselves because we have certain wishes of what we want to happen and it clouds a reader’s judgement. This makes the intuition less accurate because of that wish and bias. It is hard to see the bigger picture because of personal bias and wants.

Kiersten is one of our newest clairvoyant psychic mediums

Kiersten is our newest, tested clairvoyant psychic medium. She is extremely versatile. Along with being a clairvoyant psychic medium, she can use Tarot cards on request. She has been over 30 years of experience. 

Kiersten is very spiritual and sensitive. When we tested her, she was excellent with short term timing. She is well rounded and works with love, relationships, work, spirituality, pets, timing of events and she picks up on other people in your life.

We have new client and current client specials for a reading with Kiersten. 


34 Questions for a Tarot Card Reader

When seeking a Tarot card reading, the most skilled readers will personalize their approach to fit your unique needs. While it is not required to ask questions during a reading, doing so can help to narrow the focus to a particular matter rather than receiving a broad overview. Our team of readers are proficient in both question-based and non-question-based readings. As our readers are primarily clairvoyant psychics, they are able to offer vivid and descriptive phone readings, making for an unforgettable experience.

How do I know if I am a psychic? Am I psychic?

We believe there are MANY more people who are psychic than who currently claim they are psychic. Intuition is known as our sixth sense. It is part of (most of our) the reason many people learn they have psychic abilities. Some people are born with stronger psychic abilities than others, but everyone who is a psychic needs to research and learn on how to develop and protect their energy. 

Welcome Shea!

Shea is clairvoyant and uses angel guides to provides a detailed reading for relationships, business, events happening around you, family issues and love. She has around 20 years of experience. Shea is excellent with providing direction. She is accurate with relationships, business and short-term timing. She provides lots of details and has a very calming energy.

Choose a psychic reader very carefully - Be aware of psychic fraud

If you are approached by a "reader" who says they can - 
- Change free will.
- Heal your body or soul. 
- Change the events in your life or someone else's life. 
- Make a lover come back. 
- Make a lover fall in love.
 -Make a lover lust for you. 
- Erase old memories. 
- Make love potions.
- Reuniting lost lovers.
- Soulmate spells.

Should I get multiple readings on the same subject? Does having more readings get better predictions?

Should I get multiple psychic readings in a short period of time? Notes from Renee's Facebook Live
Notes on multiple readings in one day or in one week - This is a little strange topic for me to cover and for us to approach because we are a business. There are very few businesses - especially in the psychic industry - who will tell you to wait or to go ahead with a reading. 

What type of reader do I need?

If you have an important question or issue, it's essential to find the right reader for an accurate answer. One of the most popular questions we get here in the office is, "Who is the most accurate?" "Which reader is the best?"

Our answer to those questions isn't quick. The best reader for a client depends on energy. A combination of the client's energy working with the reader's energy makes for the best and most accurate reading. One reader might be amazing for one client, but might not be the best with your energy. 

Clairvoyant Psychic Readers

Clairvoyant readers are readers who pick up visually on snapshots from a client's past, present and future. The word Clairvoyant translates to "Clear vision". This is the ability to see things which are hidden. The clairvoyant reader then describes their visions during a psychic reading.