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34 Questions for a Tarot Card Reader

34 Questions for a Tarot Card Reader

When seeking a Tarot card reading, the most skilled readers will personalize their approach to fit your unique needs. While it is not required to ask questions during a reading, doing so can help to narrow the focus to a particular matter rather than receiving a broad overview. Our team of readers are proficient in both question-based and non-question-based readings. As our readers are primarily clairvoyant psychics, they are able to offer vivid and descriptive phone readings, making for an unforgettable experience.

When seeking a Tarot card reading, it's crucial to locate an experienced reader who feels a strong connection with their Tarot cards. The cards should be an extension of their energy, as they hold a sacred significance to the reader. Accurately interpreting the cards can take years of practice and dedication. Clairvoyant readers who incorporate Tarot into their readings usually have extensive knowledge of the cards, as well as experience with energy work and clearing.

We seek out Tarot card readers who have at least 15 years of experience, prioritize clairvoyance with Tarot cards as a tool, and deliver precise test readings. Our team consists of incredible Tarot card readers who consistently provide accurate readings.


When seeking a tarot card reading, it is beneficial to have specific inquiries in mind. These questions can be grouped into various categories based on your concerns. Below, we have divided the categories and provided appropriate questions to ask for each situation.



• I'm faced with a decision. Which path should I take?

• How can I evaluate my options? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

• What information do I need to make the best choice?

• What should I know about a family matter?

• What should I know about my romantic life?

• What should I know about my career?


Moving forward:

• How can I advance in my career?

• How can I advance in my relationship/love life?

• What lies ahead for me?

• What is the strongest foundation to build upon in my life?


What to do:

• How should I handle a work-related issue?

• How should I handle a problem with a friend or family member?


Hopes and fortune:

• What can I do to restore my hope for the future?

• What positive aspects do I bring to my life?

• What positive aspects do the people in my life bring?

• Is there meaning in my life?

• Is there love in my life?


Hidden Elements:

• What important matters am I overlooking?

• What am I not seeing?

• What is hindering me?

• Am I denying any truths?

• Am I seeing things that are not true?

• What crucial details have I forgotten?

• What obstacles might I face?


Action questions:

• What is my top priority?

• How will a specific event unfold?

• What is the best way to communicate with certain individuals?


Timeline questions:

• What can I learn from my past?

• What does the future hold?

• Am I caught in any cycles?

• What lessons have I learned from my past?

• What are my strengths?

• What potential challenges should I be aware of?


These questions should be tailored to your unique circumstances and concerns. The key to obtaining the answers you seek is knowing which questions to ask.

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