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Should I get multiple readings on the same subject?

Should I get multiple readings on the same subject? Does having more readings get better predictions?

Should I get multiple psychic readings in a short period of time? Notes from Renee's Facebook Live
Notes on multiple readings in one day or in one week - This is a little strange topic for me to cover and for us to approach because we are a business. There are very few businesses - especially in the psychic industry - who will tell you to wait or to go ahead with a reading. 
But, this is actually a really common question that is asked of the booking agents. Tonight, I had a brand new client wanting to get several readings and I turned her down. I turned her down 
Because we are personalized, we offer as much help to our clients as possible in choosing a reader, helping pick out the type of reader and backing our product up with a 5 minute guarantee. We pride ourselves on being ethical and honest. This industry can be a little scary and is not always ethical and honest. What we offer is very valuable for our clients. We shield our clients from unethical practices.
We do not give readers any of your personal information. We always have up front pricing so there are no surprises. We work hard to maintain ethical and honest readers for our clients. When we discover a reader is not ethical - we let them go. We are not always perfect, but we really do try hard to be helpful and not hurtful. We get many clients in very difficult and or vulnerable situations. We do not want them to be taken advantage of - and we want to make sure we are not the ones who will take advantage of our clients. 
Should I get more than one psychic reading on a topic? 
It depends on a few different factors. Sometimes it can be helpful and sometimes it can be confusing to get multiple psychic opinions. 
Times where it is helpful - One reader is a clairvoyant psychic medium, one is a Tarot card reader - The clairvoyant psychic medium will be more of the feelings and energy and symbolic end of reading. The Tarot card reader usually can focus on the energy of the situation and timing of situations. 
If you get two opinions from readers who read similarly - it can either shine more light on the situation OR it can get confusing OR they can pick on different parts of the situation and give conflicting opinions. 
How well you know you reader - how much you trust their opinion - the tools they use need to be helpful for your situation or questions - 
Another VERY important factor - what is your energy is like - 
If you are open and receptive to information from the readers - not pushing readers into giving you answers you want to hear or guiding them into a specific point you want, you will get a better reading. And, you will be able to get more than one reading without a problem. 
If your energy is angry, pushy, desperate - we will recommend waiting for another opinion. 
The person who called tonight was really pushy. She had already spoke to three psychics today. She is a brand new client. I told her to wait at least a week before getting another opinion. She MUST look at her notes and reflect on what the readers said. 
The readers will give as much information as possible in the reading. We always recommend taking notes during the readings so you have something tangible to look over once the reading is over and in the future so you can reflect on notes. Notes are VERY important to take during the readings.
The person who called tonight told me that she thought the three readers that she had were wrong. While I will say the readers are human and give their best information with what they are getting from their spirit guides - clairvoyance - cards - energy. We test our readers - we know they are excellent. We can understand that not every reader forms perfect energy with every single client. That is why we have the 5 minute guarantee. 
This client went the full amount of time on three different readings with three different readers - the readers she took are all VERY popular readers and are known for accuracy. Two of the readers have been working with us for over 15 years. One reader over 20 years - 
I know they are excellent readers. I know they are accurate with most people. They have completely different reading styles and compliment each other with the information they give. 
I told her to not spend her money and to reflect on her readings. She needs to wait before getting another reading. I don’t want to waste her time and money. She needs to wait at least one week before another opinion. 
Does having many psychic opinions make the information clearer or does it make it more difficult?
It can do both and it depends on the situation - it depends on the client’s energy. 
We want you to be a knowledgeable client and that is why I wanted to write this post and speak about it on our Facebook Live.