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Natural Clairvoyance, Develop Clairvoyance and Enhancing Clairvoyance

17 Aug

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Should I get multiple readings on the same subject? Does having more readings get better predictions?

03 Jun

Should I get multiple psychic readings in a short period of time? Notes from Renee's Facebook Live

Notes on multiple readings in one day or in one week - This is a little strange topic for me to cover and for us to approach because we are a business. There are very few businesses - especially in the psychic industry - who will tell you to wait or to go ahead with a reading.

But, this is actually a really common question that is asked of the booking agents. Tonight, I had a brand new client wanting to get several readings and I turned her down. I turned her down

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Your Clairvoyance

27 Sep

Clairvoyance simply means "clear seeing." The person who has this psychic ability generally uses their third eye to visualize events from the past, present or future.

It is somewhat different from the sort of intuition that most people experience. For example, many people know when someone is going to call them on the telephone. They feel the energy and actually know beforehand who is on the phone even before it rings. This is a common experience.

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