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Protecting your energy as an empath

Protecting your energy as an empath

There are several ways to protect your empathy. Empathy is the ability to pick up on other people’s and animal’s energy. It is a gift and it is a strength to have empathy. It is one of the first ways one can start to learn their psychic abilities. The only issue with being an empathic is it’s hard to shake some energies and some energies can have a negative effect. 

You can do different activities based on when you feel the negativity. We will be exploring ways of clearing negativity while in public, when you get home and through your lifestyle. We like to keep things positive, too. We deal with all sorts of energies here so we have extensive experience in shaking all sorts of energy and centering. 

You need healthy ways of releasing negativity. Be aware of the unhealthy ways you might be trying to clear energy. Alcohol, drugs, food, shopping, gambling (or any other vice) may make you numb to the negativity - but they do not release negative energy. They actually make you feel more negatively in the long run. It’s important your cleansers are positive. 

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