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energy clearing

Public energy clearing for empaths and empathic people

26 Jan

If you're in public and feel negativity, you will probably want to practice some energy clearing you can do while in the presence of others. You don't want to do anything over the top, but you do want to do something that will help you feel better. 

Examples of negative energy in public - 
Seeing an ex
Dealing with loads of people
Seeing someone you don't want to see
Getting negative or bad news
Feeling like you're stuck in a situation you can't get out of 
Having low energy or if you're just in a bad mood

There are many more situations than the examples above. We wanted to include some situations so you can visualize. 

Energy clearing you can do for yourself in a public setting - 

Deep breathing - or even one long slow inhale and one long slow exhale.

Say your mantra to yourself - On your off time, find your mantra. Your mantra can be an affirmation or anything that you find positive to help you focus. 

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Please be aware - You are the only one who can change your energy

22 Jan

When looking at how to protect your empathy, you need to realize there is no one method that works for every empathic. Finding ways to clear energy and get rid of negative energy is completely individual and is a lifelong journey. You own your energy. We will be giving many suggestions that are positive and healthy over the next few posts.

Please be aware. There is no one who can clear your energy for you. We strongly advise to NEVER pay for energy clearing, changing energy or removing energy. There will be people who say they can remove energy - they can’t. It is completely individual and ways to help clear energy will evolve throughout your life.

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Protecting your energy as an empath

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20 Jan

There are several ways to protect your empathy. Empathy is the ability to pick up on other people’s and animal’s energy. It is a gift and it is a strength to have empathy. It is one of the first ways one can start to learn their psychic abilities. The only issue with being an empathic is it’s hard to shake some energies and some energies can have a negative effect.

You can do different activities based on when you feel the negativity. We will be exploring ways of clearing negativity while in public, when you get home and through your lifestyle. We like to keep things positive, too. We deal with all sorts of energies here so we have extensive experience in shaking all sorts of energy and centering.

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How to clear energy - Updated for Summer of 2018

06 May

This is very relevant for any difficult time. We know with the current number of planets in retrograde, this is timely for summer of 2018. 

Clearing energy

There are many ways to clear energy. YOU are in charge of clearing your own energy. 

How do you know if you need energy clearing?

You feel stuck in a rut. 
You keep making the same mistakes. 
You feel exhausted - no matter what you do to rest
You keep hearing negativity - negative comments, negative situations, negative people, attracting negativity, you feel you need a energy clearing, you feel like you are going against your intuition, You have severe anxiety, you need direction, the season changed, you just went through a major life adjustment, your home feels like it needs a change, you feel you lack creativity or feel stale in a position you worked really hard for, 


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