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How do you feel intuition?

You probably have intuition, the sixth sense, as a gift. It is a sense that helps protect you from danger, gives you a hunch, guides you and helps you make decisions. Learning to listen to your intuition is very important. When you learn how to trust your intuition, you can use it to your advantage. Intuition is a powerful sense. Learning to use your intuition is learning how to use your gift to benefit yourself and others. 

Managing Your Psychic Energy

People often wonder about psychic energy. What is it? Everyone is believed to have Chakras (which are thought to be wheels of energy in the body) and an Aura (which is thought to be a subtle emanation surrounding the body). Think of these things as your psychic energy.

Everyone has their own personal space. This is where psychic energy resides. Psychic energy is believed to make up that very important personal space. Generally, people are aware and are protective (maybe without realizing it) of their personal space.

Intuition is your gift

Intuition - Your gift
How often do you just know something may happen?  Deja vu? Do you experience a sensation that appears quickly regarding a situation? This feeling seems to have no rhyme or reason. But, there it is. Think of intuition as the bridge between our functioning, awake state of mind and the underlying unconscious mind. 

Psychic Abilities and Increasing Intuition

Being psychic and having intuition are only half of the gift. You can foster the gift to help yourself and people around you. Being awoken to the beauty of the gift is important and probably the reason so many of our followers found us.

Can You Feel Your Intuition?

You are probably psychic or have some intuitive ability. It is up to you to learn from it and learn about your gift.

Renee's notes from her Facebook Live - How Do I know if I am clairvoyant? What are the signs that I am a clairvoyant reader?

How do I know if I am clairvoyant? Last week we looked at how to tell of you are a psychic medium - This week we wanted to talk about clairvoyance psychic ability. We specialize in clairvoyant psychic readings. By phone is an ideal way to get a clairvoyant psychic reading because clairvoyant psychic readers are visual and descriptive. Clairvoyant psychic readers envision past, present and future situations.

Am I psychic? How do I know if I am psychic?

Am I psychic? How do I know if I am psychic?

Notes from Renee's Facebook Live 3-29-17

Mercury Retrograde pre shadow phase has started 
We will go into Mercury retrograde on april 9
You can review last week’s video blog about ways to prepare for MR on our blog at blog

I noticed another topic that I wanted to discuss that has been very popular in the past. 

Developing your intuition.

We have quite a few videos on this topic and there will certainly be more
Intuition is not to be feared. 

Is my intuition always right? - Notes from Renee's Facebook Live

Is my intuition always right?
Yes – and, no.
The answer to this question is yes and no. Your purest intuition is accurate. It can be blocked by your own thoughts, wants and feelings - leading to incorrect results. You can learn how to use your intuition to help people. It is hard to read for yourself and people who are close to you emotionally because thoughts can get in the way and block your true intuition.