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How Do I know if I am clairvoyant?

Renee's notes from her Facebook Live - How Do I know if I am clairvoyant? What are the signs that I am a clairvoyant reader?

How do I know if I am clairvoyant? Last week we looked at how to tell of you are a psychic medium - This week we wanted to talk about clairvoyance psychic ability. We specialize in clairvoyant psychic readings. By phone is an ideal way to get a clairvoyant psychic reading because clairvoyant psychic readers are visual and descriptive. Clairvoyant psychic readers envision past, present and future situations. Clairvoyants often realize they are clairvoyant after a major life event - loss of a loved one or birth of a child. Clairvoyants may also start noticing their gift through dreams, daydreams or meditation. Clairvoyants may also use their natural intuition to further their visions. You can work on this by becoming more spiritual, taking better care of yourself, getting away from negativity, taking time for yourself. Clairvoyance can come to a person via images or partial images. Seeing the beginning or end of a situation and not needing a person to describe it to them. Sometimes they see symbols for certain familiar objections. Those symbols have different meanings to the clairvoyant and must be described. Some clairvoyants have visions in dreams. They may dream the future or dream a vivid situation and realize it comes through in the future. The most important part of a clairvoyant’s journey to becoming a dependable psychic reader is to be persistent in study. Persistent in journaling. Getting to know yourself and what symbols mean to you. Clairvoyants often get struck with visions when they first meet a person or they may get visions based on the energy over the phone. They are very empathic people - they really are sensitive to other’s people’s feelings. Something to remember is that your mind is very powerful. Sometimes developing your intuition takes time, persistence and meditation. It is a self journey that never really ends.

What is a Clairvoyant psychic reading?

updated August 2019