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The rest of our Facebook series on Attracting an Abundance of Love

17 Sep

Provide self care and self love. Providing love and self care to yourself daily is essential to your well being. That same self care - loving yourself and caring for yourself - helps to raise your frequency. This can take a little time but it is worth it for the quality of your life.
When you raise your frequency, you raise the level of the type of people you attract. When you attract better prospects, you have more opportunity to find the love you want.

Focus on your goal and use your intuition. You may attract people with higher vibrations, but not all of them will be for you. It's okay to listen to your heart and keep pushing forward until you find exactly the type of love you want.
Your intuition is your most valued asset. When you really focus on a goal, your intuition is there to help you find a way to make that goal a reality.
Honoring your intuition is a way to honor your self and show self love.

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Is he cheating? 9 signs your lover is cheating.

09 Oct

There are ways to tell if your lover is cheating. Here are 9 signs your significant other is cheating:

1. Suddenly paying attention to how he looks. If he suddenly loses weight or starts with a more kept physical appearance, it could be a cause of alarm.

2. Constantly guarding his cell phone and guarding his cell phone. Let's say he used to come into the house and leave his phone on the counter to charge, then suddenly he keeps tabs on the phone constantly. He will also grab the phone quickly if there is a new message or text.

3. Saying he is doing more overtime at work and/or a change in his schedule. All of the sudden, he is busy at lunch or he has to stay at work late. That could be when he is making time for the affair.

4. He smells different.

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Testing psychic readers is a full time job.

18 Sep

We have so many psychic readers who call us and/or fill out our online application to become psychics on our psychic line. It is very big job testing psychics. It also takes a certain amount of intuition in dealing with the readers and clients to know which readers will work well for us. In the initial conversation, we look for a person who is friendly, easy to talk to, open to energy and is accommodating. We look for people who know how to listen and who care about people. After the initial consultation, we book test readings with the reader. We look for a psychic who is accurate, gives details and can give information from the past, present and future. The reader must specialize in relationships - it's our top topic of discussion! We also like it when readers can answer questions regarding business, life, work, spirit and timing of events. We do not necessarily look for past phone line experience. We also do not train psychic readers.

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Trust your instincts - You have a sixth sense!

25 Apr

As a psychic line, we believe that each one of us possesses the ability to feel spirits and energy. Getting in tune to your higher self will help you find a way to have the ability to foresee the future or at least have a gut feeling about a situation. When a person starts to pay attention to the energy they bring, the energy around another person and the energy a certain situation possesses, these are ways of feeling intuition. You must pay attention to your first impression of a person - good or bad. Usually you will find out that you were right with that first impression! Intuition can also be used when you are alone. Maybe you don't think it is a good idea to take a specific cab or to walk a certain way home. Listen to your intuition in this situation. It can actually save your life. When psychics do readings, they are using their intuition (among other methods of energy work) to pick up on your relationship questions, career advice or general reading.

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4 ways to use your intuition

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19 Jun

People have the ability to use intuition to help them make decisions, keep them safe and move toward the right direction in their life. Here are four ways to use your intuition for personal benefit.

1. Relationships - Paying attention to your intuition during the first meeting of a potential love interest can help you determine if you want to pursue a relationship with that person or not. You may or may not be attracted to a person, but your intuition can help you determine if the person had good energy to be around. Using intuition can also help in long term relationships. If you gut is feeling that something is wrong with the relationship, definitely pay attention. Your intuition can help determine if the relationship is worth saving or if it is time to move on. 

7 Common Questions for a Relationship and Love Psychic

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