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Is he cheating? 9 signs your lover is cheating.

There are ways to tell if your lover is cheating. Here are 9 signs your significant other is cheating:

1. Suddenly paying attention to how he looks. If he suddenly loses weight or starts with a more kept physical appearance, it could be a cause of alarm. 

2. Constantly guarding his cell phone and guarding his cell phone. Let's say he used to come into the house and leave his phone on the counter to charge, then suddenly he keeps tabs on the phone constantly. He will also grab the phone quickly if there is a new message or text. 

3. Saying he is doing more overtime at work and/or a change in his schedule. All of the sudden, he is busy at lunch or he has to stay at work late. That could be when he is making time for the affair. 

4. He smells different. 

5. Money is missing. There is money missing without any explanation of where it went. Or - you could see a bill for a hotel or dinner. Or - there is suddenly cash missing from your checking account without an explanation. 

6. Change in sexual patterns. He wants more sex or less sex. Cheaters will try to cover up their affair with having more sex with the partner they are cheating on. Or - they suddenly have NO interest in sex. 

7. Moodiness and/or picking fights and/or accusing you of cheating. Picking a fight with the partner being cheated on and then accusing the partner of cheating is a very big red flag. The cheater will try to make the one being cheated on feel bad and/or accuse them of cheating. It is the first thing on the cheater's mind and that is what comes out in an argument. 

8. Having more presence on social media and/or new email addresses you didn't know about. Suddenly, you find that your significant other has strange email addresses or has presence on a dating website. 

9. Your intuition tells you there is something wrong. This is actually the most important sign that your lover is cheating. Using your intuition can help tell you if there is something wrong.