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How to attract a lover by their Sun Sign

27 Apr

How to Attract a lover by their Sun Sign

Interested in an Aries? Since Aries is usually very interested in their life, a shy approach is probably not the answer. Remember to ask an Aries about achievements. Aries like to talk about themselves. With an Aires, you can be challenging or even argumentative, but try to avoid being pushy or needy. Challenge an Aries. Aries prefer partners who have a brain and their own life. Aries is usually a very physical sign and may equate love with sex. Aries generally likes the chase. Playing the hard to get may be the key to getting an Aries attention.

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Is he cheating? 9 signs your lover is cheating.

09 Oct

There are ways to tell if your lover is cheating. Here are 9 signs your significant other is cheating:

1. Suddenly paying attention to how he looks. If he suddenly loses weight or starts with a more kept physical appearance, it could be a cause of alarm.

2. Constantly guarding his cell phone and guarding his cell phone. Let's say he used to come into the house and leave his phone on the counter to charge, then suddenly he keeps tabs on the phone constantly. He will also grab the phone quickly if there is a new message or text.

3. Saying he is doing more overtime at work and/or a change in his schedule. All of the sudden, he is busy at lunch or he has to stay at work late. That could be when he is making time for the affair.

4. He smells different.

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