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How to attract a lover by their Sun Sign

How to attract a lover by their Sun Sign

How to Attract a lover by their Sun Sign

We are relationship specialists! The top area of life our psychic readers focus on is on love and relationships. We love to help with love! These are fairly basic ways to attract a lover with their sun sign. There are many factors that can influence attraction. But we think this is a fun list to give you an edge on your lover and how to attract him or her. If you would like a relationship reading with a love psychic, we would love to help! 
Interested in an Aries?  Since Aries is usually very interested in their life, a shy approach is probably not the answer. Remember to ask an Aries about achievements. Aries like to talk about themselves. With an Aires, you can be challenging or even argumentative, but try to avoid being pushy or needy. Challenge an Aries. Aries prefer partners who have a brain and their own life.  Aries is usually a very physical sign and may equate love with sex. Aries generally likes the chase. Playing the hard to get may be the key to getting an Aries attention.
Has a Taurus got your attention? Taurus is a fixed sign. Taurus are very visual. Therefore, appearances are generally important to Taurus. If you dress well and wear good perfume, a Taurus may take notice. Good choices to get things started may be to wear beautiful clothes, be punctual, and fix a gourmet meal. Taurus tend to be stubborn, it may take some time to gain a Taurus’s attention. Patience is key to getting a Taurus’s attention.
Do you have a Gemini on your love radar? A Gemini is generally the most curious and youthful Zodiac sign. Geminis love to communicate.  Non-verbal clues usually intrigue a Gemini. A big smile, good listening and direct eye contact may be just the ticket. Light vanilla or cinnamon scents may draw a Gemini to you. Mirroring what the Gemini is doing while communicating may help attract. Geminis are easily bored. Jealous or possessive behavior may be deal breakers if you are interested in a Gemini. 
Interested in a Cancer? If you are interested in a Cancer, you should probably start with a really good home-cooked meal. Cancers usually like things to be cozy. Cancers also tend to like nestalgia.  It is generally a good strategy to get a Cancer to talk about their family, home and food. When you are interested in a Cancer, try to make sure that you are supportive of their past. Attract a Cancer with a warm, gentle, patient, homey and cozy touch.
Leos are looking for fun! The easiest way to a Leo’s heart is by simply adoring them and letting them know it. Leos usually love to flirt. Flattery and flirting attract Leos. Leos generally love the spotlight. They tend to be opinionated and need lots and lots of love and attention. You can usually be blunt and bold when talking to a Leo. If you want a Leo, it is probably a good idea to let them know that you think they are special.
If you want a Virgo, it is generally a good idea to look and smell clean!  They are often attracted to white or light colors, so dress accordingly. Virgos usually like practical gifts. Virgos may be worrywarts and somewhat critical in thinking. Use situations that maximize their critical mind by having them fix something practical. It is usually a good idea to avoid having a Virgo focus on emotional problems. Drama and Virgos don’t mix. In order to attract a Virgo remember that cleanliness, healthy food, and practicality draw them in.
Want a Libra? Libras are charming and analytical. Libras are often very slow to make up their minds. It is important to remember that Librans, as a rule, do not like conflict. If you are argumentative and pushy, it will be a problem. Libras are social. Classy clothes that reflect good taste are be a huge plus. Libras prefer an equal relationship with a lot of mutual give and take.  If you want to attract a Libra, it would probably be a wise choice to be well groomed, patient, sweet and kind.
Fascinated by a Scorpio? Scorpios are a bit hesitant when it comes to relationships. As a water sign, they are generally quite sensitive. Scorpios love sex, sensuality and directness. It is important to remember that Scorpios can be a bit possessive and jealous. A good general rule is to forget flirting with other men in front of your Scorpio love interest. If you want a Scorpio, you should probably be ready to be playful, somewhat of a tease and be prepared to be the center of their universe.
Is there a Sagittarius in your future? Ask a Sag for their advice and listen to that advice. Sagittarius love to be taken seriously.Go to a sporting event and outdoor adventure with a Sag. Sagittarius lovers needs both fun and deep thoughts. Sags love impulsiveness and spontaneousness. Inviting a Sagittarius to a party or a workout at the gym may be a good way to get things started. If you want a Sagittarius, their interest will probably be piqued if you appear to be busy, interesting and have your own opinions.
Is a Capricorn for you? If you are interested in attracting the attention of a Capricorn, you will probably have to be practical, subtle and secretive. Capricorns tend to be somewhat suspicious.  This can make starting a relationship difficult. One approach that may work is to take an interest in and praise their work. Capricorns love determination, beauty and practicality. Showing a Capricorn that you are smart, ambitious and helpful may help you attract a Capricorn.

Has an Aquarian caught your eye? If so, keep in mind that Aquarians are usually the most independent lovers in the Zodiac. Aquariuses love exploring, experimenting and learning. Bright and unconventional methods are probably the best way to attract an Aquarius. Aquariuses are forward thinking, talking about the future and science may help attract an Aquarius. Bring an Aquarius to a restaurant that features food from another country - bonus points if the Aquarius has never had that type of food. 
Interested in a Pisces? It is probably important to show that you understand and respect their feelings – Pisces are sensitive. Pisces are not into small talk. Tenderness and romance can help attract a Pisces. Pisces are probably interested in your dreams. Remember that your Pisces love interest will probably respond to an artistic, patient, and gentle person that gives their confidence a much-needed boost.  
Sun signs and astrology are fun and can provide general trends.  A focused session with a psychic can usually provide valuable insight into issues faced in your personal relationships.