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Testing psychic readers is a full time job.

We have so many psychic readers who call us and/or fill out our online application to become psychics on our psychic line. It is very big job testing psychics. It also takes a certain amount of intuition in dealing with the readers and clients to know which readers will work well for us.

In the initial conversation, we look for a person who is friendly, easy to talk to, open to energy and is accommodating. We look for people who know how to listen and who care about people.

After the initial consultation, we book test readings with the reader. We look for a psychic who is accurate, gives details and can give information from the past, present and future. The reader must specialize in relationships - it's our top topic of discussion! We also like it when readers can answer questions regarding business, life, work, spirit and timing of events.

We do not necessarily look for past phone line experience. We also do not train psychic readers. If a psychic is not put on our line, we may give information to them on how to make their readings more productive and accurate. If we do that, we will ask them to re-apply in a year or two when they have further developed their reading skills. If we decide the reader meets our standards of quality, we will try to get them on the line as soon as possible.

Readers who work with us like us because we are professional, pay on time and do not ever withhold pay. We value our readers. 

Clients love us because we have excellent psychic readers, top notch customer service and we offer the best value in the industry. Clients always know what they are paying before the readings and there are no surprise fees.