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4 ways to use your intuition

4 ways to use your intuition

People have the ability to use intuition to help them make decisions, keep them safe and move toward the right direction in their life. Here are four ways to use your intuition for personal benefit.

1. Relationships - Paying attention to your intuition during the first meeting of a potential love interest can help you determine if you want to pursue a relationship with that person or not. You may or may not be attracted to a person, but your intuition can help you determine if the person had good energy to be around. Using intuition can also help in long term relationships. If you gut is feeling that something is wrong with the relationship, definitely pay attention. Your intuition can help determine if the relationship is worth saving or if it is time to move on. 

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2. Business decisions - Making tough business and/or career decisions definitely calls for using one's intuition. For instance, if you go on a job interview, pay attention to the other staff members. Are you getting a good feeling from the staff? Does the interviewer seem to put off a positive vibe about the position and/or company? Can you see yourself being successful in the position daily? If you are trying to determine whether or not to open your own business, you can use intuition to determine if your heart is going to be fully involved with the entire business process.

3. While in danger - Unfortunately, there are many dangerous situations we can be in during every day life. You could be carrying groceries out to your car and feel uneasy. Definitely listen to your intuition! Go back into the store and ask for assistance. Using your intuition to keep you safe is one of the best ways to use your intuition.

4. For you health - Do you feel like something is wrong, but it's not showing up on blood tests and/or the doctor can't figure out what is wrong? Stick with your intuition and be persistent. Persistent patients get their questions answered. It may take a few different doctors and several different types of tests, but with persistence, you can/will figure out if something is wrong. Using your intuition is very important in remaining persistent in getting medical questions answered - and could mean the difference to your health.

There can not be enough emphasis on using your intuition. Stay calm and listen to your gut feelings. It is the first way to focus on becoming more psychic in your daily life.

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